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Neighbourhood: Main Street
325 E Broadway


Sunday – Thursday, 11:30am – 11pm
Friday & Saturday, 11:30am – Midnight


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The People

Owners: AJ and Theresa Caridi

About AJ’s Brooklyn Pizza Joint

For 20 years, New York native Anthony “AJ” Caridi searched high and low for a pizza joint that would make him miss home. He never found it, so him and wife, Theresa, decided to take matters into their own hands. Literally. Tossing pizzas and making sauce in their apartment kitchen, the pair took over a lease in the bustling Mount Pleasant hood in 2017. The 1100 square foot space is cozy, with enough New York charm to make you question if you could be a Yankee’s fan while eating a cheesy slice of authentic New York style pizza.

AJ’s has slowly transitioned from being a hole in the wall haven for a quick bite into a true staple in the neighborhood. The goals set out by ownership since day one have been about two things: amazing pizza and community. Walking into AJ’s is refreshing, not because there is always a hot pizza cooking in the oven, but because of the non-pretentious vibe and the family-like atmosphere. It’s the type of place where, usually everyone, or at least someone, knows your name. A spot where young families come to grab a weekly pizza to take out, friends gather for a special birthday, or for a hurried slice during the lunch-hour. It’s truly a welcoming spot for all kinds.

So what about the pizza? While offering the best New York style pies in the city, AJ’s is on the pursuit of broadening Vancouver’s pizza scene. Their classics are a must try – think toppings of crispy pepperoni, spicy Italian sausage, and fresh mozzarella – but it’s their specialty pies that have become true cult favourites. As the first in the city to offer Detroit and Sicilian style (think fluffy, cheesy, chewy thick crust) this is a must-try spot, if you’re a foodie. Coupled with a fun drink menu that features wine on tap, classic cocktails and rotating craft beers from local breweries, AJ’s is Mount Pleasant’s best not so well-kept secret.