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On Playing Commercial Drive Bingo And Selling Mansions To Students


by Sean Orr | A Canadian mother is overwhelmed and asks for help and we shame her. Happy Mother’s Day! Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau owes parents everywhere an explanation. No she doesn’t, Anthony. Petty ugliness and misogyny aside, could it be that you’re also jealous? Could it be that we as a society still don’t recognize the value of gendered work?

Related satire of the day (from back in December): Amid backlash, Trudeau children to be raised by wolves.

“We have heard you loud and clear,” the Liberal Party leader told the House of Commons on Thursday. “Xavier, Ella-Grace and Hadrien will sup at the teat of the she-wolf, not the taxpayer.”

Andrew Weaver says Christy Clark made ‘utterly bizarre’ comments about global warming. “Around the world today there are 1,000 coal plants on the books, ready to be built, 150 of them in and around Beijing, in China”. Ah yes, red herring as an alternative fuel source!

Are you like me? Do you like reading Hansard quotes and getting extremely angry? Well then, the following link is just for you! Opposition leader John Horgan did the best prosecutorial inquiry in the legislature yesterday since Mulcair on Nigel Wright, Mike Duffy and the $90,000.

Why would you go for the first time to the Haida Nation, not advise the Haida council you’re coming, come with a cheque in hand, drop it off and head out of town, never having done that in any other corner of the province — or by any other Premier in the history of B.C.?

Hey, so remember the judge that cleared Christy Clark of any wrongdoing in the stipend scandal? He just sold his $31 million mansion. To a student. You can’t make this shit up. Best comment: “Well UBC International Tuition is pretty pricey…”

Related Instagram of the day:

Welcome to Vancouver real estate, blackmail, manipulation, and Harbin gangs: Vancouver realtor accused of making threats.
But they can police themselves, right Christy? “Even in China, the government it would control this. I am not sure why they don’t here.” To use the vernacular, dolla, dolla bills y’all.

And it just don’t stop: Panama Papers expose secret offshore firms of Vancouver developer Michael Ching.

Is aggressive camping a thing? Oh, I see. ‘Aggressive’ camping reservation system sparks calls for change. So people are basically AirBnB-ing camping spots now? Jesus.

‘Fast ferries’-sized cost overrun for Port Mann construction: watchdog. The fact that this article is this far down on Tea & Two Slices is telling of the depth and breadth of current mass fuckery we face.

Ditto: B.C. Liberal candidate Randy Rinaldo apologizes for ‘insensitive’ tweets.

“In one tweet from 2012 – a screen-capture of which was posted by a Vancouver school trustee – Mr. Rinaldo said child poverty was a “cultural problem.” He did not specify how, but added “many people out there shouldn’t be having kids.”

Art related police incident of the day: VPD Marine Unit saves giant yellow jellybean in ‘strangest rescue’ yet. You see! They do care about art!

Event of the day: Sleep Over at Vancouver City Hall.

Bonus: Commercial Drive Bingo.

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