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Neighbourhood: Commercial Drive
1212 Commercial Drive


Wednesday to Sunday, 5pm to late (like, past your bedtime late)


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The People

Alexa Greenman, Beverage Director
Andrew Hounslow, Executive Chef
Dhruv Sahay, General Manager
Rich Charrois, Operations Leader
Tyson McNamara, Stage Manager
Ksenia Dempster, Brand Director
Reuben Major, Managing Partner & CEO

About The Flamingo Room

Welcome to the Flamingo Room, a Miami-inspired venue in Vancouver’s all-embracing Commercial Drive community. Eclectic neighbourhood watering hole meets live stage, the Flamingo Room is an escape from the outside world, a fusion of fun drinks, late night snacks, and a groovy vibe brought to life with music, comedy & more.

Some fun facts about flamingos:

  • – They are unique: flamingos sleep on one leg and turn their heads upside down to eat.
    – They are named after the word “flamenco”, meaning fiery – flamingos have breathtakingly colourful feathers.
    – Fond of company, flamingos prefer larger flocks.

This space is an extension of all these things: unique, fiery, playful and in good company. Here, nothing should be taken too seriously. Stepping in off The Drive, you will be transported down a vibrant corridor reminiscent of a warm Miami night, and set foot into an eclectic room layered full of playful textures and saturated colours, a diverse room abundant in history, where everyone belongs.

The Flamingo Room is an expansion of sister restaurant Havana’s ethos: come as you are, be as you are. The rest we will let you decide for yourselves. We are so happy you are here, we hope you enjoy.