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Deliveries to Vancouver: Every day between 5-8pm

Deliveries to the Suburbs (Burnaby, North Vancouver, New Westminster, Richmond): Thursdays 5-8pm

*Orders placed before 4pm will be delivered on the same day (except for suburb orders before Thursday which will be queued for deliveries on that day)


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The People

Chris Charron – Co-owner, Slow Hand Beer Co., // Co-owner, Hypha Project
Kurtis Sheldan – Co-owner, Slow Hand Beer Co.
David Bowkett – Owner, Powell Brewery
Luke Cyca – Co-owner, Dominion Cider Co.
Mauricio Lozano – Owner, Faculty Brewing Co. // Oddity Kombucha
Nigel Springthorpe – Owner, Brassneck Brewery // The Magnet
Ryan Parfitt – Co-owner, Luppolo Brewing Company
Tristan Stewart – Owner, Temporal Artisan Ales

About BeerVan

BeerVan is a collective of small, family-owned Vancouver craft breweries and beverage producers working together to get our products to you. Every aspect of BeerVan is done through the collaboration and cooperation of our own employees, from packing orders, driving them to you each day, and answering your support emails.

Favourable Reviews

“Thanks for your efforts today — above and beyond. You continually impress us with your efforts to connect the community with quality local businesses and to keep us warm and safe when we feel like sticking close to home.” — Nicole, Vancouver

“Thank you for your awesome specialty beer & food service!” — Joanne, Vancouver

“Awesome service, great delivery experience!! Will be ordering again for sure.” — Tara, Burnaby

“Love your service, love the beers!” — Brian, New Westminster