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On Rolling The Panama Papers & Doing Lines Of Coke At Tim Hortons


by Sean Orr | Eat Leak the Rich: What the Star reveals in unprecedented Panama Papers leak and why. Not why is anyone going to do anything about it except endure mild outrage for a few days. As Charles Demers says, “these Panama Papers raise tons of ethical questions, like whether or not we should use science to bring Robespierre back to life”.

The Star and our partners are publishing this material not because we believe something illegal is happening, but because we think Canadians should know about how the elite hide and shelter so much money. The rich get to play by different rules than the rest of us. We should all know about this unfairness.”

Good work, Toronto Star. The CBC? Mmm, not so much: Why CBC isn’t naming all 450 Canadians in offshore leak. How great would it be in Christy Clark was one of them, though? Honestly.

Among the revelations was one that might be of note to Vancouverites: “The families of top Chinese leaders have used clever and sophisticated ways to disguise their wealth offshore.”

Remember all of this the next time The Fraser Institute publishes an Ayn Randian “poor people are poor because they are lazy” editorial. Oh, and remember this too: Fraser Institute chair Peter Brown’s Vancouver home sells for $31.1 million.

Only slightly less insufferable than the “I love Vancouver but it doesn’t love me” editorials are these people: #VancouverIStay – Rejecting the ‘why I’m leaving Vancouver’ thinkpieces. Believe it or not, it is possible to be frustrated with unaffordability and the people leaving. Life is nothing if not nuanced.

It’s really just the hyperbole that gets me. Case in point: a Dunbar resident in this Walrus article says, “I feel like we’re in that movie The Andromeda Strain where everybody has died from a mystery virus, and we’re the only survivors”. I dream about that type of scenario every, single, day.

But wait! Someone paid under the asking price? Sound the alarm! North Vancouver condo sold for $500K below value in ‘double-ending’ sale.

ScanBC of the Day:

Loophole of the day: Sunshine Coast beach goes nude and alcohol friendly.

Mexican flag hung by construction worker at Vancouver’s Trump Tower. Cool new drinking game: read the comments and take a drink each time someone maintains that Trump is okay with legal immigration, just not illegal immigration.

I would say ‘take a drink every time there is a Compass glitch’ but that would be wildly irresponsible of me … Fare gates experiencing systemwide technical issues, riders trapped in stations.


R.I.P. Strain Vocalist Jody Taylor. I saw Strain play a reunion show at the tiny Java Joint in Surrey. It was one of the craziest gigs I have ever been to. R.I.P. indeed.

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  1. SO
    I always go to the “Tea” first when I read Scout.
    You rock

  2. Me too, Henry. It’s funny and I like the news aggregator approach. Excellent photos too.

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