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Richmond’s Mr. Fish Man Wants to Fill Your Belly and Numb Your Face

Scout's "Never Heard of It" series continues with some delicious explorations at a Golden Village hotspot.

Curious About the Delicious World of Filipino Fried Chicken? Here’s a Great Place to Start…

Fernando Medrano continues the "Never Heard Of It" series with a dive into the deliciousness of Win Win Chick-N in Steveston Village.

Digging North Vietnamese Deliciousness at East Van’s New ‘Hanoi Old Quarter’

The new restaurant on Victoria Drive comes to us from Rose Nguyen and Hong Duong, the duo behind the award-winning Mr. Red Cafe.

On Fried Chicken Sandwiches Doing Battle and Restaurant Critics Harnessing Tech

In her latest read of the food and drink headlines, Talia finds a menu full of bugs and immigration hardliners messing with restaurants.

The Reincarnated Pizzeria of Legend Every Vancouverite Should Try Once

Did's Pizza was once upon a time the late night cheap food of choice for many in this city. Then life intervened, both for him and for us.

Feasting on the Exotic Silk Road Food and Hospitality of the Uyghurs on Kingsway

Efendi Uyghur is a small, welcoming and wonderfully delicious exemplar of a cuisine we wish we had a lot more of in Vancouver.

Uncommon Deliciousness From Central Vietnam Can Be Had at This East Van Joint

Fernando Medrano eats his way through Hue exemplars at Hoi An Cafe on Victoria Drive for our "Never Heard of It" series.

Tucking Into Old School Taiwanese-Sichuan Cuisine at Kalvin’s in East Van

In his latest "Never Heard Of It" piece, Fernando Medrano gives us a history lesson on why the food at this institution is so delicious.

Finding Deliciousness Next to a Sex Shop and Under a Confusing Awning

Though it might not be the easiest restaurant to find, the unassuming Chong Qing Xiao Mian on Kingsway is definitely worth looking for.

Every Adventurous Eater Should Seek Out This Gem Hidden in a Light Industrial Park

Lamajoun, an Armenian/Georgian cafe in the nondescript wilds of Richmond, is so much more than it outwardly appears.

One of the Best Chinese Restaurants in Metro Vancouver Has Just Seven Tables

Chef Yiutong Leung cooked in a number of private kitchens in Hong Kong, most notably the one inside the Stock Exchange.

Feasting on Ghanian Delights at Whalley’s ‘Taste of Africa’

The tiny strip mall eatery packs a big flavour punch, offering a variety of authentic, delicious West African dishes at affordable prices.

How to Properly (and Deliciously) Navigate the Capture Photography Festival

With the annual Capture fest on the immediate horizon, we thought it wise to ask Ken Tsui about how to make the most of it.

Cleaning Up A Filipino ‘Boodle Fight’ Out At Surrey’s Grandt Kitchen

Just when you thought they were done and it was time to eat, they bring out one more dish.

The Delicate Shroom & Pork Crepes At Kingsway’s ‘Thanh Xuan Cafe’

I’m always on the look-out for these little shops that specialize in one amazing thing, and this is one of my all-time favourite finds.

Making Short Work Of ‘Grilled Fish’ At Li’s China Grill In Collingwood

Order a few appetizers, some beer and some dried plum juice (the kind you order with hot pot); some skewers (“chuan’r”) and finally one or two orders of grilled fish.

Loving Smoked Meat & Poutine At Estrella’s Montreal Deli In Langley

Pair it with a Cherry Coke, Montreal-made kosher pickles and one of their very good poutines (made with Fraser Valley cheese curds) for complete the authenticity picture.

The Fried Chicken And ‘Pho Ga Don’ Combo At My Chau On Kingsway

I tend to believe that this eatery and many others like it could only work in such a setting. With apologies to the great urbanist Jane Jacobs: “good food needs old buildings”.

Exploring The Goodness Of Guizhou At Collingwood’s ‘Yummy Mammy’

The eatery is run by gregarious chef-owner Lisa Yu. If prodded, she'll give you a lesson in the basics of Guizhou cuisine. (You can even ask her to make you her favourite dish which is not on the menu - pickled chicken gizzards - but you’ll have to pre-order it.)

Cheap, Saturday-Only Lamb Consomme At Molli Cafe On Burrard St.

The quality and consistency is nothing short of remarkable, pronouncing the value in bold relief. If you've never heard of Molli, you need to go!

Surrey’s Street Food-Inspired ‘Apna Chaat House’ Is Strip Mall Gold

The menu is extensive. Try not to be intimidated. Even if you are with a group, it will be tough to make a significant dent. Place your order at the front, take the plastic number card and sit at a table.

Closed Kingsway Cult Legend ‘Nine Dishes’ Resurfaces In Richmond

The new location couldn’t be more different from its original Kingsway hole-in-the-wall setting. Set behind the Richmond Costco, it is the restaurant equivalent of a McMansion.

In a Richmond Strip Mall, Seeking Out “Explosion Pulp Chicken”

Fernando Medrano takes the "Never Heard of It" column on a mission to satisfy some genuine curiosity.

Feasting on pre-Hong Kong Handover Chinese Food on Fraser Street

Eating the same dishes Chinese-Canadians commonly enjoyed in Vancouver long before the British relinquished sovereignty of Hong Kong.

The Old School European Restaurant That Will Hopefully Never Change

The service here is old-school: attentive, unobtrusive and professional, and no one gives a shit about how your first few bites taste.

The Awesome Chinese BBQ Joint Hidden in an Underground Parking Lot

Some of the best Chinese BBQ in Canada is made at the rightly-named HK BBQ Master under the Superstore in Richmond.

Feast on a Filipino Speciality at New West’s Cheap and Cheerful Hideaway, ‘Epic Grill Silogs’

Fernando Medrano takes us to an outwardly unassuming Filipino eatery where the speciality comes in many delicious guises.

Never Heard of Yaas Grill House? Here’s Why You Should Check It Out

The delicious amalgam that is Persian cuisine is affordably represented at this unassuming North Shore eatery.

East Van’s Little ‘Joojak’ Makes the Awesome Xi’an Burger You’ve Been Waiting For

Joojak's hearty, complex and aromatic Xi'an dishes might just help you through Vancouver's long descent into the wet of winter.

Lining Up for the Delicious Funk of Richmond’s ‘Too Two Sauerkraut Fish’

The “Sauerkraut” is their special housemade pickled mustard greens. These lend the fish soup its characteristic funk and tartness.

The Scout List, Vol. 450

An agenda of the things we are doing, wishing we could do, or are conspiring to do in Vancouver from Dec. 6 to Dec. 11, 2017.

On The Trouble With Legal Weed & Banning Kids From Fine Dining

Sexy, Forbidding Bowls Of Awesome At Tiny Cafe Xu Hue On Kingsway

The first thing you'll catch when sitting down at Cafe Xu Hue is the cup of cold tea being poured for you. The second thing you'll notice - as you wonder why your tea is chilled - is that you aren't reading a typical Vietnamese restaurant menu...

Filling Your Filipino Pork Quota At ‘Hapag Ihaw Ihaw’ On Victoria Drive

Inspired by inihaw (Filipino grilled meat), the owner of Hapag Ihaw-Ihaw opened his doors to share his love for the greatest hits of humble Filipino mainstays and BBQ.

The Restorative Power Of Pupusas At ‘El Caracol Cafe’ On Victoria Dr.

If you’re looking for a more immersive taste of Salvadorian flavour, dig into their sopa de mariscos (seafood soup) as a follow-up.

Capable, Comfortable And Cool: ‘Carp Bento Box’ In Mount Pleasant

The quick service eatery is only a year old, but they've got things figured out. The menu is as simple and straight forward as it needs to be for a quick-service, two-person operation.

Old School Ramen Done Right At Unassuming ‘Shibuyatei’ In Richmond

Unlike the rich, opaque, deep-flavoured, super fatty broths set on rolling boil for hours (ie. the sort ladled out in the West End), chef Sato’s is delicately light and clear...

Relishing In The Crusty Delights Of ‘Banh Mi Saigon’ On Victoria Drive

It’s nearly impossible to eat a good banh mi sandwich without feeling a bit like Hansel or Gretel, leaving behind you a light dusting of baguette crust with every bite.

Often Weird But Always Delicious Waffles At Kingsway’s ‘Off The Grid’

It's good looking, quick and easy, and there are four waffle irons firing hot at the same time. Nothing on the menu is over $8 dollars, which much account in part for its increasing popularity.

Duft & Co.’s Delicious Baking Makes Adventure To Abby Worthwhile

It's been a bustling, popular spot with a fast-moving line-up every time I've ever visited, and Cassie’s edibles are invariably as delicious as the room is aromatic, homey, and handsome.

On Van Mag’s Implosion And Selling Chinatown To The Highest Bidder

Ten Things That You Should Absolutely Do Between Now And Next Week

Ten Things That You Should Absolutely Do Between Now And Next Week

Digging Traditional Thai Cuisine At ‘Bai Bua’ At 2443 East Hastings St.

I have a soft spot for places like Bai Bua in Hastings-Sunrise. It's a family-owned operation from front to back with the older generation pumping out traditional Thai cuisine and the younger generation filling the seats and handling everything front of house.

Malaysian/Singaporean Staples Pack The House At ‘Hawker’s Delight’

By name alone it would be hard to guess at the cuisines within, but once inside the exotic curry aromas and sizzle sounds leave little doubt.

Italian Market Cafe “Gigi Blin” A Charmer In The Heart Of Marpole

Aim for the ample panini sandwiches, hearty soups, and proper cortado coffees pulled from a Lady Victoria Arduino machine.

Longing For Dumplings, Wine Chicken & Tan Tan Noodles On Main St.

The small restaurant is made even smaller when it's packed, which is nearly always. The single server makes her rounds efficiently, keeping guest banter to a perfected minimum.

Timeless French “Cafe Salade De Fruits” Serves Up Reliable Classics

Eating Noodles Soaked In Awesome At Hoi An Cafe On Victoria Drive

Named after an historic port town in central Vietnam, the always buzzing eatery serves reflections of its namesake's signature dishes, most notably mi quang and cao lau.

Exploring Strip Malls In Search Of A Genuine Filipino Food Experience

Hidden away in a missable strip mall, the Kulinarya experience starts with a friendly server dropping off a few menus and a small dish of cornick, or Filipino corn nuts.

Picking Cool Sake Cups And Slurping Cold Buckwheat Soba At Kinome

Owned by Dan's former chef, Ryoma Matarai, Kinome serves up a rotating, succinct menu of delicate small, sharable plates made with locally sourced, organic ingredients.

Ten Things That You Should Absolutely Do Between Now And Next Week

Documentary On Legendary L.A. Food Writer Jonathan Gold To Screen At VIFF

On East Van Stereotypes And Bros Gone Wild On A Summer Beer Cruise

Inside The New Location Of ‘Mr. Red Cafe’ – Vietnamese Eatery Opens This Sunday

Homestyle Sustainable Satisfaction At “Shanti’s Curries” On Main St.

Shanti’s is something like a super friendly dinner host; it's bright, communal, quick, and relaxed. Those are the ingredients that go a long way in making the perfect neighbourhood restaurant.

Getting Hot With Spicy Hunanese Fare At Kingsway’s “Lucky Noodle”

Lucky Noodle has a hefty menu of rarities. I would suggest trying their “Mouth-Watering” Chicken; Chinese Bacon with Bamboo Shoots; Shredded Potatoes with Dried Chili; and their award-winning Stir-Fried Pork with White Chilies.

Meaty Bowls Of Clay Pot Rice At “The Soup House” On Victoria Dr.

The fundamental concept of clay pot rice is meat and Chinese greens cooked over a pot of rice. As it cooks, the meat flavours meld with the rice as the toasted grains at the bottom of the pot crisp up.

Slurping Up Bowls Of Comforting Goodness “Huang’s Beef Noodle”

Whenever I take the first comforting slurps of soup and noodle in the ad-hoc dining room, I feel instantly rescued from the chill and drear of winter.

Savoury Tofu Pudding Soup And Tianjin Wraps At “O’ Tray Noodle”

O’ Tray’s claims to fame are a pair of archetypal breakfast street foods from Tianjin: a wrap (jianbing guo zi) and a tofu pudding soup (daofunao). They are two uniquely regional breakfast specialties...

The Crispy Strip Mall Awesomeness Of Richmond’s “LA Chicken”

Comedian Chris Rock once famously quipped that “after you have Popeyes, you need one of those ‘Men in Black’ memory sticks to erase your memory or else you will just keep coming back to this place every day.” I feel the same way about LA Chicken.

Getting Jiggly With It At Richmond’s Aptly Named ‘Excellent Tofu’

Tofu gets a bad rap for being bland but Excellent Tofu & Snack is all about changing those expectations with clean and refreshing flavours.

Slurping A Different Kind Of Noodle Soup At East Van’s Hoang Yen

Digging Into Glorious Bowls At Max Noodle House On Alexander Rd.

Owned by the Mak family - the royal family of the wonton game - Max is a golden needle buried deep in a restaurant haystack.

What’s In A Restaurant Name? Our Short List (20) Of The Oddest In Vancouver

Ten Things That You Should Absolutely Do Between Now And Next Week

Ten Things That You Should Absolutely Do Between Now And Next Week

Northern Vietnamese Cuisine Finds Home At East Van’s “Mr. Red”

Mr. Red Cafe has only been open in Hastings-Sunrise neighbourhood for a few months now but it’s already being praised as a rare taste of what Northern Vietnamese cuisine has to offer.

Scarfing Koobideh & Crispy Tahdig At Persian-Flavoured Zeitoon

Persian eatery Zeitoon is well known on the North Shore for its delicious koobideh kebab. It's a mixture of minced beef and spices hand-squeezed onto skewers (note the ridges) and broiled until perfectly juicy and tender.

With “Hou Lok” Night Owls Scarfing Whitebait & Roe-Filled Smelt

Hou Lok dishes up an impressive mix of small, affordable, shareable, and mostly wok-fried late night plates. These range from a variety of seafoods to offal galore.

Rare Shanghainese Breakfasts At Kingsway’s Reliable “Ningtu”

Be a champion and try eating it all without making a mess. The crumbs from the shaobings alone are enough to explain why each banquet table is wrapped in crinkly plastic a la American Psycho.

On “The Patty Shop”, Home Of The City’s Best Jamaican Patties

The shop is an over-the-counter institution specializing in moon-shaped pockets of flaky pastry filled with a variety of goodness.

Deep Bowls Of Fully Loaded “Pho Dac Biet” At Surrey’s Pho Tam

From the kitchen, good humoured cooks can be overheard chattering in Vietnamese whilst floor staff swoop through the room delivering bowls of noodles from trays.

“Sunny Spot” On Main St. For Biangbiang Noodles And Xianburgers

The new menu reflects the Shaanxi focus on hand-pulled noodles, breads and soups invigorated by aromatic chili oils and dark, tart vinegars.

You Best Not Miss At Magnificent “Laksa King” On East Hastings

The Panaderia Latina Bakery’s Magnificent Lunchtime Sugar High

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