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Exploring Strip Malls In Search Of A Genuine Filipino Food Experience


by Ken Tsui | Ask any Filipino about where to get an authentic, traditional homestyle meal and they’ll almost always invite you over to their mom’s house. If you’re not ready to meet the family just yet, finding a good place to jump into Filipino is still advisable, and I suggest going the extra mile to Kulinarya Filipino Eatery in Coquitlam.

Hidden away in a missable strip mall, the Kulinarya experience starts with a friendly server dropping off a few menus and a small dish of cornick, or Filipino corn nuts. From there, it’s your choice of ubiquitous classics like sizzling sisig and chicken adobo, or something a bit different. For my part, I always start with the fried pork leg, or cripsy pata, or the kare kare — a peanut-based stew that comes with a small dish of fermented squid paste (though the server suggests you use the squid paste sparingly, it is nevertheless essential, as it introduces some serious umami flavour into what would otherwise be an unremarkable stew).

For vegetables, aim for the laing, a unique blend of Filipino flavours with earthy taro leaf gently simmered in creamy coconut milk. And no meal here is complete without some inihaw na pusit, which sees a tender, tomato and onion stuffed squid served sizzling on a hot, cast-iron plate. Finally, don’t forget to order a big bowl of sinangag, Kulinarya’s signature garlic rice, to go with everything.

Bonus: super friendly service. While it isn’t mom’s house, Kulinarya always makes me feel right at home.

Kulinarya Filipino Eatery | 2922 Glen Dr., Suite 114 | Coquitlam, BC | 778-285-6577 | www.kulinarya.ca

  • Kulinarya
  • Sizzling Inihaw Na Pusit
    Sizzling Inihaw Na Pusit
  • Plenty of advice
    Plenty of advice
  • Crispy Pata with vinegar
    Crispy Pata with vinegar
  • Inihaw Na Pusit
    Inihaw Na Pusit
  • Laing
  • Kare Kare
    Kare Kare
  • Cornick for sale
    Cornick for sale
  • Garlic Rice
    Garlic Rice
  • Squid Paste with Kare Kare
    Squid Paste with Kare Kare
  • Details at Kulinarya
    Details at Kulinarya
  • Crispy Pata
    Crispy Pata
  • Cornick


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