Yasma to Celebrate Ramadan With a Month of New Set Menus

The Goods from Yasma

Vancouver, BC | Yasma is offering 4 set menus during Ramadan, each with a culturally significant main feature for a truly authentic and cultural experience:

Kebab Karaz, also known as Cherry Kebab, is an Aleppo specific dish of charcoaled lamb meatballs topped with black sour cherry sauce placed over pita bread and garnished with parsley and pine nuts. Kebab Karaz is made specifically with Washneh sour cherries found exclusively in Aleppo during the summer season and is believed to have been influenced by the trading that took place on the Silk Road.

Kibbeh Labanieh, which consists of golden fried handcrafted lamb Kibbeh, arguably the quintessence of Syrian cuisine, cooked in a hot yogurt with a hint of garlic and mint.

Mini Mixed Grill platter which includes 2 chicken skewers, 2 Aleppo lamb kebabs, plus Lebanese mezze dips

Chicken and lamb Freekeh, a grain that originated in the Middle East, with rice and nuts.

All sets include a vegetable lentil soup topped with sesame seeds and crispy bread strips, a staple in the Middle East commonly enjoyed during Ramadan; Fattoush salad, fresh greens assembled with over 15 ingredients; appetizer platter of artisanal handmade Kibbeh, Sambousak, and Yalandji; side dish of pickled vegetables; and Qatayef, a fried cheese and walnut filled folded pancake, for dessert.

Available from April 13th to May 15th, these Ramadan set meals feed 2 to 3 and are available for pre-order starting at $89 for take out on Yasma’s website.

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