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Strange Fellows Brewing Releases New Crush-Worthy Piquette / Rosé Spritz

The Goods from Strange Fellows Brewing

Vancouver, BC | Introducing Strange Fellow’s brand-new crush (which we can’t help but feel rather exuberant about) – POMPOM – a refreshing & crushable Piquette / Rosé Spritz that’s sure to put a twinkle in your eye and some pep in your step!

Let’s raise a cheer for a sparkling fresh delight that’s ripe for good times in the sun! Apropos of Spring, POMPOM is a light & sessionable Piquette/Rosé Spritz that pours petal pink in the glass with aromas of red berries & a refreshing effervescence.

Piquette ~ Rosé Spritz
Bright / Fruity / Aromatic

COLOUR Rose petal pink
AROMA Red berries
CHARACTER Dry / Fruity / Bright / Effervescent
A.B.V. 6.5%
PAIRS WITH Sunshine / Light salads / Green olives + goat cheese

Enjoyed since ancient times as a refreshing & light alternative to wine, Piquette was made to refresh the palates of those working on the land & in the vineyards. Ours originates in the sunny Okanagan Valley & blends several grape varietals.

POMPOM will be available in-house on Friday, May 26th and round town as of Monday, May 29th.

Neighbourhood: East Vancouver
1345 Clark Dr.

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