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Strange Fellows Brewing Releases a Chorus of Zombies (Frogs) to Welcome Spring

The Goods from Strange Fellows Brewing

Vancouver, BC | Strange Fellows Brewing is hopping on the Spring bandwagon with a fresh new beer that welcomes Spring (erm, and maybe Summer too?) loud and clear!

It begins with a tentative peep, followed by a bolder croak. Slowly, inspired by their intrepid leader, the others join in, waking from their icy stupor. And so begins the Spring Chorus, a sure-tell sign that Old Man Winter is making way for the ever-so-lovely Spring. Just as the frogs rise from the dead, we too emerge from the chill to delight in the sun. Should you need any motivation, a sip of this bright, hop-forward beer that’s brewed like a lager but hopped like an IPA, is sure to put a spring in your step!

Cold IPA

Crisp / Dry / Hoppy

AROMA Stone fruit / Pine
CHARACTER Bright / Light-bodied / Ultra-refreshing / Crushable
A.B.V. 6.5%
PAIRS WITH Carnitas tacos / Peri Peri chicken / Pizza


Originating in Portland this new hybrid style aims to merge the hops of an IPA with the crispness of a lager. The use of rice in this brew contributes to its dry light body while the double dry hopping strengthens its bold hop character. Its short-lived and upfront bitterness balances with its crisp and very clean finish.

HOPS Mosaic / Cascade / Amarillo
MALT Pilsner malt / Flaked rice
YEAST Lager Yeast
IBU 40
OG 1.057

ZOMBIE ORCHESTRA will be available in cans and on tap in-house on Friday, May 19th, and around town as of Monday, 22nd May.

Neighbourhood: East Vancouver
1345 Clark Dr.

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