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Strange Fellows Brewing Announces TWO-FOLD Double IPA Release

The Goods from Strange Fellows Brewing

Vancouver, BC | Strange Fellows Brewing is doubly happy to announce the release of the big & juicy Double IPA, TWO-FOLD. Do proceed with caution however – this delicious double-header is duplicitously dangerously drinkable.

Double IPA
Juicy / Hazy / Tropical

If ever you happen upon a double-headed serpent, do not engage in conversation with it. An earthly embodiment of dualism, this snake is considered very dangerous in that it will debate the complement/conflict of life/death, day/night, Jekyll/Hyde, etc… ad nauseam. If you do find yourself in such verbose company, offer a sip (or 2;) of this aromatic double dry-hopped IPA whose tropical/citrusy character will be sure to distract it, allowing you to slip away unnoticed.

COLOUR Hazy / Yellow
AROMA Tropical Fruit / Citrus
CHARACTER Fruity / Big / Full-bodied
A.B.V. 8.0%
PAIRS WITH Hot chicken sandwich / Bacon cheddar burger / Papaya salad

BREWER’S NOTES: Two-fold is a hazy double IPA that is big, bold & brings double the flavour. It’s been double dry-hopped using two punchy hop strains, Citra & Galaxy. This combination of hops creates an ultra-fruity aroma & tropical juice like flavour. It’s brewed with oats & wheat to create a silky-smooth mouth feel as well as give it haze. It finishes with a touch of sweetness to round out the high alcohol & big hop character. Don’t let the drinkability fool you, this one is dangerous.

HOPS Citra / Galaxy
MALT Pilsner malt / Oats / Flaked wheat / Wheat malt
YEAST Foggy London
IBU 36
OG 1.077

TWO-FOLD will be available in cans and on tap inhouse on Friday March 10th, and around town as of Monday 13th March.

Neighbourhood: East Vancouver
1345 Clark Dr.

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