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Reservations for Delara’s ‘Caviar and Saffron: New Year’s Dinner’ Now Open

The Goods from Delara

Vancouver, BC | Hello lovely Delara guests! Hope you are having a nice December. We are doing well at Delara, hosting lots of holiday parties and getting ready for the end of the year. Speaking of which, we’re hosting a New Year’s Eve dinner event here at Delara. It will be a 6 course dinner menu, with two seatings: one around 5:30pm and another one around 8pm. The price for the ticket is $80 plus service charges and gratuity. In case you are interested, here is the link for the tickets, and the menu:

A glass of welcome bubbles

Grilled sourdough flatbread and seasonal dips
strained yogurt, preserved lemon, caviar and chives
beet and turmeric topped with pistachios and fried shallots
smoked squash, saffron and pumpkin seeds

Kookoo sibzamini fritters
crispy potato fritters filled with saffron, turmeric and nigella seeds

Grilled octopus and chickpeas
a warm salad of charcoal grilled octopus, roasted carrots, chickpeas and herbs dressed with sumac vinaigrette, topped with a grilled green onion and pumpkin seed sauce

BBQ chicken kebab salad
saffron marinated chicken breast, grilled over charcoal.

Served with roasted fall vegetables, herbs and greens tossed with barberry and orange vinaigrette.

Grilled beef short rib gheymeh
slow cooked and grilled beef short rib served in a tangy stew of lentils and dried lime, topped with crispy potato sticks

On the side you’ll have crispy saffron rice, yogurt and pickles.

Orange and turmeric cake dressed with orange blossom and peppercorn butter cream, topped with pistachios and almonds
Walnut and date baklava served with poached apples and lemon cream

Hope to see you all there!

Neighbourhood: Kitsilano
2272 West 4th Ave.

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