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‘Chez Christophe’ Expands Its Easter Chocolate Egg Options, Readies New Location


The GOODS from Chez Christophe

Burnaby, BC | Burnaby Height’s Christophe Chocolaterie Patisserie celebrates the arrival of spring next month by “hopping” across the street to a larger location at 4717 Hastings Street, along with unveiling two new handcrafted eggs to his Easter chocolate collection.

“Burnaby Height’s is a growing community, and Jess and I are very thankful for the support and business we’ve received in the past couple years,” explains Christophe Bonzon, Swiss-trained master confectioner and owner of Chez Christophe. “The new space is perfect for our growth. Not only will we have more seats, but the move allows us to expand our menu to include sandwiches and a larger coffee program.”

At 2,100 square feet, Chez Christophe is expected to have up to 19 seats inside, along with outside options during the warmer months. The interior has a modern European ambience, based on Bonzon’s background and upbringing. Expect to see a contrast of dark wood, light countertops, lush banquette-style seating, and beautiful floral wallpaper.

“Timing has worked out well that we are going into spring and Easter at the new location,” adds Bonzon. “Easter is easily one of my favourite times of the year. There are just so many imaginative ideas you can create with the egg form.

During our first Easter here, our theme was intricate and modern eggs. I always try to do something new and something that would excite people. This year, we are definitely taking on a whimsical direction with farm animal-themed chocolate eggs.”

Chez Christophe’s 2016 Easter chocolate egg collection includes the new Eggmont the Mountie, which is an ode to Canada’s dedicated Mounties with the iconic hat; the new Le Petit Poussin, which features a little chick just cracking out from its egg shell; Hop Hop the Bunny; last year’s fan favourite Poulette; and the Caved Egg-Within-An-Egg. All Easter chocolate eggs contain a variety of Chez Christophe’s exclusive bonbons inside. Prices start from $19.95 for a small to $49.95 for a large.

In addition to Bonzon’s chocolate art, Chez Christophe also offers an array of savoury “viennoiserie” pastries for Easter brunch, such as butter croissants, scones, brioche, and his signature flutes (including new flavours such as black sesame). Other additions include his artisanal jam made in-house with fresh, local fruits, and a selection of cakes in different shapes and sizes.

Chocolate eggs are available starting March 16, 2016 at Chez Christophe’s new location at 4717 Hastings Street, which is expected to open as soon as February 27, 2016. Gift baskets available. Pre-orders welcome.

For more information, please visit www.christophe-chocolat.com.



4712 Hastings St, Burnaby, BC, V5C 2K7
Telephone: 604.428.4200 | Email: info [at] christophe-chocolat.com
Web: www.christophe-chocolat.com | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 8:00am to 6pm | Closed Sunday/Monday


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Key People


Christophe Bonzon, Co-Owner & Executive Pastry Chef
Jess Bonzon, Co-Owner

About Chez Christophe


The story of Chez Christophe is a story of love and passion – your Artisans love for sharing his creations and a little bit of his Swiss origins by introducing you to a small taste of Switzerland. Christophe Bonzon discovered chocolate at the age of ten when he was helping his mother make chocolate truffles as a gift for Christmas. Since then the passion for sweet food never left him. Christophe is a Swiss trained “Confectioner” or in more familiar terms Pastry Chef/Chocolatier. Alongside chocolate another of his passions is creating artistic sculptures with sugar. For the meticulous Christophe, his art lies in “the freedom of creativity and my passion for creating artistic sculptures with sugar and chocolate – the opportunities to transform are endless.”

Christophe’s resumé is studded with a decade full of intense apprenticeships and coursework in the fine art of pastry and chocolate, both in his native Switzerland and in France. Amongst many other institutions he has studied under some of Europe’s grand masters at Zurich’s Chocolate Academy, and at l’Ecole du Grand Chocolat Valrhona in France. Various professional postings followed, including as pastry chef at Confectionary Schneider in Switzerland, followed by Choux Cafe in Western Australia. Christophe worked as an Executive Pastry Chef at one of the finest French Pastry Shops in Perth.

More recently Christophe was the Executive Pastry Chef at the award-winning CinCin Restorante in Vancouver, Canada. Christophe is a firm believer that you are constantly learning throughout your life for the learning curve never ends.

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