JJ Bean Coffee Launching Special ‘La Hermosa’ Process Collection Today

The Goods from JJ Bean

Vancouver, BC | You may have heard jargon like “Washed,” “Honey,” or “Natural” when a coffee nerd (like anyone at JJ Bean Coffee) starts describing a single origin coffee. These are processing methods, meaning how the seeds (beans) are removed from the coffee cherry and subsequently dried. But what’s the difference? Is a washed coffee wet? Do honey processed coffees use bees?

For the first time, JJ Bean Coffee is offering you the opportunity to taste the difference for yourself with the La Hermosa Process Series.

Available online and at JJ Bean cafés starting Friday, July 26th, this special collection from Max Pérez’s famed Finca La Hermosa in Acatenango, Guatemala includes three exquisite coffees, each processed with a different method that translates uniquely in your cup.

Free public tastings (“cupping”, in coffee lingo) of the collection will be held at 1 p.m. on Friday, August 2nd at JJ Cambie, 3399 Cambie St. in Vancouver, and JJ Bay, 390 Bay St. in Toronto. You’ll have a rare chance to compare the three different processing methods from the same farm side by side with our coffee team.

If you’re not able to attend the main event, don’t worry, you can still try out these stunning single origin coffees. Pick up your own La Hermosa Process Series set – complete with detailed tasting guide – from any JJ Bean café, or order it right to your door at jjbeancoffee.com/shop.

The Neate family has been roasting coffee for four generations. Established in 1996 by John Neate, JJ Bean Coffee Roasters exists to honour people through great coffee, service, food, and spaces. Family-operated to this day, JJ Bean now has 20 locations in Vancouver and five in Toronto.


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