Chambar to Host Cocina TRÄ•KÁL for Spirited Evening of Mutual Discovery

The GOODS from Chambar

Vancouver, BC | A rare opportunity to experience a new spirit! Enjoy an exceptional evening of cocktails and rustic food inspired by Patagonia, home of the TRÄ•KÁL distillery. The unique blend of 100% native Patagonian ingredients embodies the scope of the land to produce a spirit like no other. With a focus on community and sustainability, local apples, crab-apples and pears are harvested to create the base alcohol, while native berries: maqui, murta, and sauco are infused in the second distillation. In the final distillation, essential oils derived from hand picked wild herbs are vapour-infused. The culmination is the distinctive flavour of TRÄ•KÁL.

Learn more about this exceptional new spirit.

Tuesday 28 May, 2019 | 8:30pm Sharp

$125 includes 4-course Dinner & paired cocktails. Tickets here.

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