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Special One-Day Instant Noodle Bar Pop-Up Happening at The Drive Canteen, Oct. 28

The Goods from The Drive Canteen

Vancouver, BC | The Drive Canteen (1111 Commercial Drive) and Dicky’s Dumps, creators of some of Vancouver’s most favourite small-batch Chinese dumplings, are partnering for a one day only Instant Noodle Bar Pop-Up on Saturday, October 28, 2023. On the menu? Two craveable instant noodle creations, including a Hong Kong (HK) Classic (with all the key toppings), and a Tseng Noodles Scallion.

“Doug and Lindsey have been huge supporters of our brand – we’ve been selling our dumplings out of The Drive Canteen for the last few years,” says Dickson Li, who co-owns Dicky’s Dumps with Pearl Lam. “They’ve also been stocking some amazing instant noodles in their shop recently. Pearl and I love noods! So we thought, why not do a noods pop-up together? But, ‘Can-teen-ese’ style as we’re both originally from Hong Kong.”

Available from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., the instant noodles will be made to order, with both meat and vegetarian options. Guests can choose between two delicious flavours:

  • The HK Classic by Dicky’s Dumps (from $15)
    Featuring classic Nissin instant noodle flavours – an OG within the most iconic of Hong Kong food culture. Toppings include Dicky’s Dumps (choice between pork, chicken, or veg), fresh greens, SPAM or Euro Wiener. It’s then garnished with scallions, crispy shallots, and chili oil. Add-on a fried egg for the ultimate upgrade.
  • Doug’s Tseng Noodles ($13)
    Featuring Dry Tseng Scallions and Szechuan Oil noodles tossed with choice of Dicky’s Dumps (pork, chicken, or veg), scallions cilantro, crispy shallots, pickled ginger, and onions. Add-on a fried egg for the ultimate upgrade.

Combos are also available with choice of select beverages, including Hong Kong’s venerable Vita brand and an exclusive limited-edition RIBENA slush/screamer.

“Dickson and Pearl are the best of people – we love their dumplings and couldn’t be more excited to make this instant noodle pop-up happen with them,” says Doug Stephen, co-founder of DL Chicken, Downlow Burgers, Vennie’s Sub Shop, and The Drive Canteen. “There is such a nostalgic factor to instant noodles. It’s definitely one of my favourite late night snack options.”

During the pop-up, guests can also purchase frozen Dicky’s Dumps and a variety of instant noodles, such as Momofuku’s famous instant noodle packs, to take home for more noodle adventures.

People interested in attending the Noodle Bar Pop-Up can RSVP here. However, walk-ins are always welcome.

The Drive Canteen
Neighbourhood: Commercial Drive
1111 Commercial Dr.

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