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DJs Flip Out & Vinyl Ritchie Speak Up Before Milestone Party At The Bottleneck


The GOODS from The Bottleneck

Vancouver, BC | It’s been four years since we sat down with Phil (Flip Out) and Scott (Vinyl Ritchie) to dream up a weekly series that showcases the best music ever produced in it’s purest, most golden state: the 45″ pressing. Now 4 might seem like an odd (well, technically even) number to drop a flag, but this sweet Summer practically demanded it. For decades, DJs Flips Out and Vinyl Ritchie have been friends and creative partners – fixtures not only in Vancouver, but in music scenes around the world. In the lead-up to our Flip Vinyl anniversary party, I asked these two musical mavericks the same set of questions, just to see how like-minded they really are. And boy, was I [not] surprised.

Where are you from?

Vinyl Ritchie – Halifax. moved to Van early 90s.
Flip Out – Vancouver, Grace Hospital.

What genre do you feel the biggest connection to?

VR – Soft rock & country.
FO – Hip Hop, Bboy breaks, or Iron Maiden

If you could only listen to albums that were recorded in a particular year, what year would you choose?

VR – 1966
FO – 1974 or whenever Iron Maiden’s Flight of Icarus came out (1983).

Sweetest voice you’ve ever heard:

VR – Foxy Moron
FO – Michael Jackson

Sexiest song ever:

VR – Sex & Violence by The Exploited
FO – S&M by 2 LiveCrew

Your go-to album for making everything better:

VR – Minor Threat’s first two 7”s
FO – Songs In The Key Of Life or The Low End Theory or Piece Of Mind (w/ Flight Of Icarus)

Best song to kick off a party with:

VR – Tush by ZZ Top
FO – Sex Machine by James Brown. Or Flight of Icarus.

Best song to clear out a party with:

VR – Again, Minor Threat’s first two 7”s
FO – Flight Of Icarus – Iron Maiden (it’s my favorite Maiden song) *Editor’s Note: No way, really?

How did you two first meet?

VR – I met Flip at either Nandos or Starfish Room.
FO – He was the first DJ I ever heard play hip-hop in a 19+ nightclub when I snuck in underage.

Of all the songs ever written, which one best describes your relationship?

VR – Ebony & Ivory (go together in perfect harmony, side by side)
FO – Ebony & Ivory.

*There you have it folks. Their love is REAL. Join us for the Four Year Anniversary party Weds, July 26th at The Bottleneck / 870 Granville Street / 9pm / Free



870 Granville Street | Vancouver, BC
Telephone: 604-739-4540
Web: www.thebottleneck.ca | Facebook | Twitter


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The People


Chef: Derek Bothwell
Promotions Manager: Juliana Moore
General Manager: Jason Coleman

About The Bottleneck


Located below the historic Commodore Ballroom at 870 Granville Street. You’ll find a beautifully restored modern tavern in downtown Vancouver. The interior is warm, rustic and full of woodsy motifs. Boasting excellent service, great music and miles of booze-filled bottles, the experience is warm and wonderful on every level. The dinner and late-night menu is West Coast seasonal, featuring size-specific plates prepared in-house with fresh, organic, locally grown ingredients. Open Tuesday through Friday 11:30pm – 2am, and Saturday 5pm – 2am.

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