Vancouver’s Best Steak Experiences, Ranked

We put together a list of our favourite steak spots around the city and invite our readers to rank their deliciousness.
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Vancouver’s Best Steak Experiences, Ranked

In this modern age of forward-thinking cuisine few things are more viscerally tantalizing (for many) than the prospect of slicing into a high quality cut of beef that has been prepared by an experienced hand.

Though really, really good steaks are increasingly rare these days (no pun intended), we do our best to keep abreast of the menus that do them right. Here are our baker’s dozen picks for your ranking consideration (see poll at bottom)…

1021 West Hastings St.

Nightingale’s hanger steak is one of those things that every meat eater needs to try in order to taste the happiness that ensues when you marry one of the most intensely flavourful cuts to a butter that’s been flavoured and textured with gorgonzola. So good!

Gotham Steakhouse & Bar
615 Seymour St.

This classic, reliable, well-served and especially cozy steakhouse offers just under a dozen options for those red in tooth and claw, including bone-in ribeyes and giant porterhouse T-bones.

Hy's Steakhouse
637 Hornby Street

For a couple of decades Hy’s was my special occasion venue of choice but ever since they opened the second floor lounge I take every opportunity to sneak in a meeting here just to feel enveloped in the old school hospitality. I still prefer the main floor dining room, however, where I’m forever betrothed to Steak Diane, which is flambéed by a white-jacketed server tableside with brandy, Dijon and shrooms.

120 West Hastings St. (Closed)

Wildebeest changes its meaty menu so often that sometimes – like now – it doesn’t even look like there’s a proper steak available (the kitchen is currently playing with lamb shanks and loins, bison tongue, wagyu pie and carpaccio, bone marrow). Don’t be fooled. Just ask. They’ll sort you out.

Osteria Savio Volpe
615 Kingsway

Though this Italian award-winner might be miles away from being a steakhouse, I’m pretty sure they’ve been laying big red slabs of awesome on the wood-fired grill since day one. (At the time of writing they offer a 12 oz dry-aged New York with nduja butter and roasted cippolini onions.)

Hawksworth Restaurant
801 West Georgia St.

Hawksworth always has an elegantly balanced dinner menu that has a little something for everyone, and that includes a fine steak. Right now it’s a sirloin with onion roasted in beef fat and a bordelaise sauce enriched with smoked bone marrow. Drool-worthy.

162 Water Street, Vancouver BC

Not a big eater? Looking for something simple, small and less expensive than pretty much everything else on this list but don’t want to skimp on taste or expertise? You can’t do wrong with Pourhouse’s 6oz Alberta ‘AAA’ flat iron cut. Very straight-forward. Of the many sauces to pair it with, go for the basic chimichurri.

1109 Hamilton St.

The steak menu at this high-end Yaletown looker from the Toptable Group is comically long and unnecessarily varied with almost two dozen wood-fired options and sizes available (everything from Wisconsin Holstein strips to Double “R” Ranch tomahawks), but I’ll never say no to being so extravagantly spoiled for choice.

La Quercia
3689 West 4th Ave.

This West Side legend is probably most celebrated for its handmade pastas but there’s always a steak on the menu, too. If you go tonight you’ll find a Florentine-style hanger with pine nuts and balsamic. Mmm.

2178 Carrall St.

The side starch and vegetable accoutrements may have changed over the years but there’s been a killer take on Steak Diane at this Gastown icon since the day it opened in 2010 (currently served with smoked potato, marrow and onion). If it ain’t broke, cut it into small pieces and eat it.

CinCin Ristorante + Bar
1154 Robson St.

This Robson St. institution has been alive longer than a lot of our readers have (I think it turns 30 next year). For as long as I can remember it’s been a reliable place to get a well-executed steak. It became even more carnivorously attractive when they installed their massive Grillworks Infierno wood-fired grill in 2014. Go with a friend or two and dig into the 28oz Florentine-style bone-in rib-eye.

Cioppino's Yaletown
1133 Hamilton Street, Vancouver, BC

Chef Pino Posteraro’s current menu offers two steak dishes, a Tuscan-style AAA Alberta rib-eye (sliced and topped with arugula and parmesan) and a tenderloin with peppercorn sauce. The attention to detail in the kitchen here is second to none, so anticipate exacting plating and next-level flavours.

Cibo Trattoria
900 Seymour St.

There’s always a steak on the menu at this Mediterranean mainstay off the Granville Strip. Right now it’s a deeply flavourful 30 day dry-aged rib-eye served with green beans and garlic.

Which restaurant plates the best steak in Vancouver?

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There are 13 comments

  1. I’m enjoying these rankings as they remind me of places I need to re-visit, so keep up the good work! Now I’ll give in to the time honoured tradition of critiquing the list. Lots of fantastic places here but I don’t think a Vancouver steak experience list is complete without: Chambar, who have been doing epic steaks since the day they opened some 15 years ago, and at least one (if not two?) classic ‘steak frites’ option. For the latter, I would vote for Au Comptoir as they normally have two steaks on offer, including a bavette which is a personal favourite, but Tableau (maybe even Faux Bourgeois) is worthy of consideration. How can there be five Italian spots on this list (Cibo!) and not a single french one? Scandal. Well not really but still fun to argue about.

  2. My husband and I have been to all the places listed above for steak. The best experience we’ve had isn’t on your list though…Le Crocodile and Au Comptoir are our favourites.

  3. The grilled hanger steak with bone marrow, sauce aux poivres & frites at St. Lawrence is excellent.

  4. Campagnolo Upstairs deserves to be on this list. Every week they have a different interesting cut with sometimes crazy lengths of dry aging. Always served with their incredible fries, salsa verde and quite often a seasonal veg.

  5. Maybe Andrew should look outside of Downtown for a change because it is difficult to get there and nowhere to park.
    I for one avoid Downtown at all costs.

  6. Yes, because cuisine is really all about parking. I kid, but seriously…no.

  7. You’ve missed a trick here, sir. Those in the know will order Savio Volpe’s off-the-menu 45 or 60 ounce bistecca alla fiorentina, in advance, which is served cut for sharing. Best steak in the city. But it’s a secret.

  8. Having worked at Savio, I’m well aware of the off-menu BaF, Alex. I’ve both eaten it and served it. As for the steak being a secret, I managed to keep it (even though it’s the lead photograph in the story) and you didn’t. 😉

  9. Black+Blue deserve a spot on this list, their steaks ain’t shabby, y’know 😉

  10. I appreciated the care and presentation at Cibo. A very tasty experience!

  11. No Trans Am, huh. Starting to wonder if there’s hem kind of a *ahem* beef, with them…