Opening for Sous Chef at The Mackenzie Room

The Mackenzie Room | Image via Katie Cross Photography

The GOODS from The Mackenzie Room

Vancouver, BC | The Mackenzie Room is looking for a Sous Chef to join our kitchen. We are looking for a person with the culinary skills and leadership capabilities to get us into the busy summer months. The right candidate will have good management skills and have a high-energy work flow with an ability to teach and encourage our cooks. This is a great opportunity for a candidate who loves to cook, enjoys being challenged and is looking to find a culinary home with room for professional growth.

The Mackenzie Room’s menu is constantly rotating and always evolving with the seasons. This is a chance to work along side a Chef/Owner and a tight family of staff, who love what they do and have a great time taking what they do very seriously.

If you are looking to make a career in Vancouver this could be a great long-term fit with a healthy work-life balance.

To set up a meeting with us please email info [at] with your resume and contact information.


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