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Check Out What’s on the Calendar This December at STRETCH Yoga

The Goods from STRETCH Yoga

Vancouver, BC | We are an eclectic collective of people interested in flexibility… of mind and body. We love to practice a wide range of yoga styles, sometimes with live music and always with a keen interest to find more inner space, more inner peace. We think of yoga as a proto science from long ago, an intuition that contemplative practices are part of what makes us humans. We are strivers and movers, art lovers, bright space dwellers, and we would like to share our yoga with you.

Here are some upcoming highlights from the STRETCH Yoga calendar beginning in the month of December, 2023. As usual, space is limited, and registering in advance is highly recommended:


December 27th – January 5th | 9am – 4pm
Kids 6-20 years old(ish)!
7 days: $649 ($92 per day) | 1 single day: $110
Register here.

STRETCH Christmas Camp Special is offering 7 days of camp this year.

Get ready for fun, movement, and relaxation! Our camp is not your typical yoga camp – it’s a magical journey that takes kids on a fun and engaging adventure through the world of yoga, art and music. Led by experienced and certified yoga instructors who have a passion for working with kids, our camp is designed to create a supportive and nurturing environment where children can learn, grow, and have fun.

At our camp, kids will learn different yoga poses, breathing techniques, and relaxation exercises that promote healthy physical, mental, and emotional development. Our camp also includes a variety of interactive activities that keep kids engaged and entertained. From music and storytelling to games and arts and crafts, our camp is the perfect balance of education and fun.

Our goal is to help kids develop greater flexibility, strength, and balance, while also promoting mindfulness and stress relief. And we do it all in a way that’s exciting, inspiring, and uplifting. So come join us for a summer of adventure, movement, and relaxation. Your child will love it!

Class size is small to ensure an engaging experience for your child. Accepting kids between 6 and 10 years old. Yes we do make exceptions for a little younger or a little older, email us at [email protected].

We will be both indoors and outdoors, weather permitting. Please bring a lunch, snacks & water. We provide sanitized yoga mats and props.

1. Wednesday December 27th
2. Thursday December 28th
3. Friday December 29th
4. Tuesday January 2nd
5.Wednesday January 3rd
6. Thursday January 4th
7. Friday January 5th


Suspended Reverie
Ben Brown | Concert | Hammocks

December 27 | 7:30-8:30pm

This is STRETCH’s most beloved event. A live music experience unlike no other all within the calming environment of Stretch. Join Ben Brown and host Emmanuelle Rousseau for this 1 hour live concert suspended from a hammock! We look forward to welcoming you into the space.

New Year’s Pause – A Clarifying Workshop
with Carolyn Anne Budgell

Saturday December 30 | 12pm-2pm
$45 advance | $55 on the day
Register here.

Give yourself a purposeful pause during a busy season. Join Carolyn Anne Budgell at the turn of a new year to explore what has been and what is possible…

Through guided meditation, clearing + calming breathwork and guided journaling, you will emerge feeling clearer about your path. Above all, you will have a greater sense about the right tools that keep you centred and that slowing down is always the right choice! Together, let’s do this work of moving forward with more stability and grounding.

This workshop is suitable for all levels. Worksheet included. Please bring a notebook and pen, layers of clothing for ultimate warmth + coziness, a water bottle and anything else you would like to feel comfortable and intentional.

New Years Day Masterclass: Starting Fresh with Sina Shalbaf
January 1st, 10-12pm
$35 in advance | $45 at the door

On this special day, there is no doubt that we should celebrate who we are & how far we’ve come, however many of us like to re-invigorate our aspirations, intentions, & goals for the future, too! Join for an opportunity to express both, while remembering who you are can be greater than who you’ve been. The same actions will produce the same results. This New Year you’re invited to begin by taking part in thoughts & actions that align with your deepest innermost aspirations. Following a long tradition of resolutions on this day, we will create the physical & mental conditions for manifestation, starting with our inner state.

We’ll begin the session with the best of the best clearing, cleansing, rejuvenating, & relaxation practices of yoga, then culminating with a short but powerful ancient intention setting technique.

It all begins with your willingness for change and to start your New Year in a new way.

The time together will have all the joy, pleasure, jokes, reflections and friendliness that you’d expect from a stereotypical New Years celebrations… But with a yogi twist.

It will be a posture centric practice that will push your abilities, with the guidance of breathwork, and visualization techniques for heightening perception. The practice welcomes all-levels, including beginners.

Sina Shalbaf is a senior teacher in BC, co-founder of the Honest Farms Retreat Centre (Salt Spring Island), & the now retired Dharma Temple studio (Vancouver). Having spent much of his time travelling the globe, sharing yoga and taking inspiration from internationally renowned yogis from traditions; his skillful guidance offers a graceful, yet challenging practice which encourages students to go deeper and experience life in a meditative and spiritual way. Through a devotional practice that combines the rhythm of music, body & breath, he emphasizes on developing good health, a clear mind, and a kind heart. Sina walks the walk. With a belief that yoga practice needs to be tailored to the individual, Sina’s approach is to make yoga accessible to as many students as possible. Expect many variations & modifications in his classes.

Neighbourhood: Chinatown
180 E Pender St.
778-819-6488 (voicemail only)

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