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Announcing Strange Fellows Brewing’s New Non-Alcoholic I.P.A. Release

The Goods from Strange Fellows Brewing

Vancouver, BC | Just in time for Dry February, Strange Fellows is thrilled to announce a NEW Non-alcoholic Hazy I.P.A. that has such BIG flavour, hop character and aroma you won’t notice what’s missing!

Following in the golden footsteps of NEVERtheLESS Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale, comes NEVERtheLESS Non-Alcoholic I.P.A.- a classic hazy I.P.A.- in every way except(ional) for its absence of alcohol.

Regarding this beer in your glass,
Its’ flavour is top of the class,
When you wish to stay sober,
We assure your composure,
All notions one sip will surpass!

COLOUR Hazy / Straw
AROMA Pineapple / Stone fruit / Pine
CHARACTER Tropical / Hazy / Juicy
A.B.V. 0.5%
PAIRS WITH Spicy Thai Curry / Fish Tacos / Burgers

We’re very proud of our award-winning NEVERtheLESS NA Pale Ale… full-bodied, flavourful and aromatic, it’s everything you would look for in a thirst-quenching beer – just without the alcohol. It gives us great pleasure to offer folks fantastic non-alcoholic choices that don’t compromise on process or enjoyment, and so we’re thrilled to offer a second NA beer – brewed for those who love a hazy I.P.A. but not the alcohol.

Neighbourhood: East Vancouver
1345 Clark Dr.

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