Belgard Kitchen Readies Easter Dinner Meal Kits

The GOODS from Belgard Kitchen

Vancouver, BC | While restaurant operations, and life in general, are far from business as usual, the team behind Belgard Kitchen is gearing up for Easter Dinner service nevertheless – well, Easter Dinner service with a twist. In response to the current climate and emphasis on social distancing, Belgard is offering a Holiday Feast meal kit designed to be served and enjoyed at home.

Inspired by the restaurant’s annual “Orphan’s Thanksgiving”, the menu includes rolled turkey breast, shaved ham, gravy, butter poached potatoes, and herbed butter vegetables. All ingredients are organic and locally sourced from Belgard’s preferred independent suppliers, with each element prepped for minimal intervention or effort by the at-home cook. The kits feed two, with the tempting option to add beer, wine, dessert (a Blueberry and Apple Crumble) and a donation to Mealshare, an organization committed to ending youth hunger. “This has been a challenging time for all, our peers, suppliers, and ourselves included,” said Partner and Managing Director Reuben Major. “We are thankful for any opportunity to bring delicious food, and comfort, into the homes of our friends, neighbours, and community.”

Belgard’s Easter Feast Kits went on sale Monday, April 6th with pick up and delivery options for Saturday, April 11th or Sunday, April 12th. They can be purchased through the restaurant’s website: Follow their social media accounts for more information on upcoming releases and projects: @belgardkitchen

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