Belgard Kitchen



 Monday 11:30am – 11pm
Tuesday 11:30am – 11pm
Wednesday 11:30am – 11pm
Thursday 11:30am – midnight
Friday 11:30am – midnight
Saturday 10am – midnight
Sunday 10am – 11pm


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The People

Managing Director/Partner — Reuben Major
General Manager & Sommelier — Dawn Blohm
Chef de Cuisine — Kenneth Konkle
Brand & Marketing — Ksenia Dempster

About Belgard Kitchen

Menu description: Belgard’s menus are focused on simple, fresh and clean flavours prizing ingredients from key local suppliers like Two Rivers Meats, Sky Harvest, and Vancouver Farmer’s Market Direct.
Wine list description: Our wine-on-tap program features a rotating selection of 32 hand selected wines from BC’s premier wine regions. Featured among these wines are our in-house Vancouver Urban Winery creations.
Beer list description: Our beer program features Postmark Brewing’s small-batch craft beers on tap, all brewed with premium ingredients and designed to cater to a session setting.
Average $ per head: $25 – $30

Décor: The Settlement Building’s multifunctional 14,500 sq.ft space boasts many components of its original structure, as well as highlights from tenants housed there over the past century. Beautiful fir post and beam construction gives way to a cozy fireplace, and an industrial winch and pulley system overhead.

Seating capacity: 67-seat lounge-style setting

About The Settlement Building

One of the first businesses to set up shop in the neighbourhood in 2012, The Settlement Building in an anchor of Vancouver, British Columbia’s vibrant Railtown District. With nearly 100 years of history under its heritage warehouse roof, The Settlement Building is a collection of West Coast influenced manufacturing and lifestyle brands that include Belgard Kitchen, Postmark Brewing and Vancouver Urban Winery. The location was also the birthplace for the introduction of wine-on-tap to Canada through its founding company, FreshTAP Pour Systems.

Located at 55 Dunlevy Ave., the facility’s Belgard Kitchen is a cozy 67 seat restaurant boasting 36 wines on tap, a selection of Postmark’s core and seasonal beers, Postmark’s tank farm and bottling area as well as a well stocked retail section featuring packaged Postmark beers, growler fill station and apparel as well as VUW wines.