Give Thanks and Get Boeuf’d at the Mackenzie Room for Thanksgiving

The GOODS from The Mackenzie Room

Vancouver, BC | We know, we know…Thanksgiving is all about Turkey! But isn’t the fun of a Turkey Dinner waking up at 4am to start cooking it by yourself while you clean the whole house so your family can come critique the dryness of the meat and rave about the potato salad they brought? So we thought, let’s switch it up!

This year don’t clean, don’t cook, and don’t do the dishes. Just invite some people you want to spend some quality time with and let us do the rest.

The Côte De Boeuf platter will include a 32 oz bone-in, 60 day dry aged rib steak from Hopcott farms in Pitt Meadows. It will be served with double baked potatoes topped with gruyere and green onions along with charred broccoli, a broccoli purée, mushrooms, and a green peppercorn cognac sauce. The platter is priced at $150 and is intended to be shared.

“Having lived in a few different cities, I was often unable to make it home for Thanksgiving. Fortunately, I had friends and acquaintances who were also homesick during the holidays and we joined each other for an Orphan’s Thanksgiving.” explains chef Sean Reeve.

“The food wasn’t always traditional, but I came to really value the tradition itself. So while Turkey is of course the bird of the day, I lean into being able to break bread with loved ones over a great meal as the thing I became most thankful for.”

Thanksgiving is Monday, October 14th
$150 per Côte de Boeuf Platter
Limited Quantity – email reservations [at]


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