Main Street’s Tocador Seeks Executive Chef

The GOODS from Tocador

Vancouver, BC | Our current Chef is preparing to travel abroad, and we are searching for just the right person to step into our kitchen, build it and grow. It’s time to get a little more serious, and we are looking to jump out of our current menu and comfort zone into something more exciting.

The right person for the job will need to be ready and willing to approach all aspects of the kitchen from the perspective of a new open. Proven leadership, execution and creativity are all key elements that we are looking for. We are not looking for aggression or ego. We want a strong, firm leader who can easily enable and educate their team. The world is your oyster here. The depth and execution will be your responsibility to create and control, and the team below you will work seamlessly with you in order to make this possible.

We are looking for someone experienced in Latin American and Spanish food; a hands-on chef with at least 3-5 years experience. The kitchen will be entirely your realm and responsibility. Compensation is up to $60,000 per year based on experience.

Contact dale [at] to apply.

This is Tocador

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