Ello Launches Community Supported Agriculture Food Club With Powell St. Pick-Up


The GOODS from Ello Foods

Vancouver, BC | Ello Foods is a small outfit of food enthusiasts dedicated to facilitating a connection between local organic food producers and farmers and kitchens around town. You may have seen their cute as heck truck darting around city streets delivering the produce fresh from farms. Ello Foods is launching a Food Club – much like a CSA – the Food Club is a box vegetables and fruits from local farms assembled by Ello for you to pick up and take home to your kitchen.

Three sizes of boxes are available $35, $55 and $100. Try a box obligation free, if you love it (of course you will), you can then sign up to receive a box for 4, 8 or 12 weeks (3% discount on 8-week orders and 5% discount on 12-week orders). Payment is via credit card. Sign up on Tuesday for a box on Thursday that week.

Pickup is on Thursdays at 1441 Powell Street between 1pm and 5pm; or all day Friday.

For a sense of what to expect in your box consider last week’s haul: Red peppers, rapini, hakuri turnips, small wonder squash, red medium onions, parsley root, purple potatoes, carnival squash, mixed purple and orange carrots, Brussels sprouts, celery roots and mushrooms.

Food Club members can also add proteins and pantry items to their order.
Barley (fieldstone organics, BC) – $1.67 /lb
Cacao Husk (East Van Roasters) – $6 /lb
Cacao Nib (East Van Roasters) – $4.75 /lb
Flax, brown (Fieldstone Organics, BC) – $2.50 /lb
Hazelnuts (Canadian) – $17.60 /lb
Hemp seeds, hulled (Manitoba) – $14 /lb
Honey (Hives for Humanity) – $84 / 6lbs
Rice, wild (Shoal Lake Wild Rice, Manitoba) – $14 /lb
Wheat, einkorn (Fieldstone Organics, BC) – $3.75 /lb
Wheat, emmer/farro (Fieldstone Organics, BC) – $2.05 /lb
Wheat, red fife (Fieldstone Organics, BC) – $1.50 /lb
Eggs (Sumas Mountain, Abbotsford) – $6.60 / dozen
Lentils, green (Fieldstone Organics, BC) – $2.60 /lb
Lentils, french green (Fieldstone Organics, BC) – $2.75 /lb
Salmon, whole, wild sockeye, flash frozen (Skipper Otto) – $9.60/lb
Turkey, frozen, free range (Skye Hi Farms, Yarrow) – $5.60/lb



1441 Powell St. | Vancouver, BC | V5L 1G8
Telephone 778 655 1888 | Email: home@ellofoods.com
Web: www.ellofoods.com | Instagram

About ello Foods Ltd.

ello Foods is a local, high quality food distributor and refrigeration logistics company based in Vancouver, Canada. We buy and sell the best food from right around here.

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