10 Especially Solid Reasons To Check Out FUEL Vancouver (May 29-30th)


FUEL is a forum to connect innovators from around the globe with local entrepreneurs, designers, engaged citizens and leaders from public, private and nonprofit sectors committed to developing a better world. It takes place over two days: May 29th-30, right here in Vancouver.

Created by our friends at Cause+Affect and produced in collaboration with THNK, the School of Creative Leadership, FUEL will explore the future of how we live, work and lead across four sectors relevant to our city; Food, Design, Sustainability and Technology. Attendees will engage in a variety of experiences including dialogues, panel discussions, workshops and trend forecasts, each aimed at delivering unique interactions, inspiration and real tools for making impact.

Here are 10 reasons to check it out:

1. We all go to events in our own sectors, be they food events, tech events, design events, or what have you. It’s all very comfortable and we always know many of the people in the room. FUEL is your opportunity to get out of your silo and talk about bigger issues. Fish folks talking to design folks? Something interesting is bound to happen!

2. Views from the outside. Vancouverites can be a little guilty of believing all our own hype and its nice to share ideas with folks who don’t live here. FUEL brings Hong Kong, Boston, Philly, San Fran and London to Vancouver. We wonder what they will say about our best place to live status?

3. FUEL is the beginning of the “C-School State of Mind”…understanding innovation means understanding creativity. Curious? Read more here and immerse yourself in both Day 1 and Day 2 to get the full experience.

4. Online is great but live is better. There’s just no arguing that.

5. Skip work. Whether you’re the CEO of a large organization or a group of three entrepreneurs working in a basement, we all need a day away from the office. This day out will give your team more “juice” than the juice truck and it might even bring you new business (a win for everyone).

6. Smart is good. Think some deep thoughts about the future, meet a new friend or two, make an impact by contributing to your community and finish the night off with a bit of a booze up. Make it a day you can be proud of!

7. The food! It usually kinda sucks at these things. FUEL has brought in Food.ee to cater lots of local starts including Finch’s, Vij’s, et cetera. On top of that, dinner is diner’s choice with select deals at Medina, Acme, Nuba, Meat & Bread, among others. If nothing else, you will be well fed.

8. Bragging rights. People who attended the first ever Pecha Kucha are proud of that fact. We suspect that the first FUEL attendees will feel the same.

9. Having an opinion is never a bad thing. Sharing it is even better.

10. Do you enjoy Pecha Kucha nights? Us, too. Cause+Affect understand “smart fun” and they’ve never let us down yet. If you’re hearing about FUEL here for the first time you might still be lucky to score some tickets. Don’t wait!

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