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Wintery Treats from Popina Capture Nostalgic Seasonal Magic

The Goods from Popina Cantina

Vancouver, BC | The busy elves at Popina Cantina, located inside Granville Island’s Net Loft, are in full swing serving up Popina’s signature puffcream treats for holiday shoppers, while sister location Popina Canteen shuts for a long winter’s nap until mid-March. Exclusively available throughout the season, Popina Cantina will be spotlighting a series of festive puffcreams filled with Popina’s proprietary soft-serve ice cream that feature changing flavours and toppings invoking the magic of the season. Each of the chef/owners, Angus An, Hamid Salimian, and Robert Belcham, will take turns rolling out new Holiday Puffcreams inspired by nostalgic flavours from their childhood.

Popina Cantina’s Holiday Puffcreams

Snowbank Puffcream (available now)
Sledding in the cold winter snow of northern Alberta and coming home to freshly baked shortbread cookies are two of Robert Belcham’s favourite childhood memories. With a nod to these fun-filled days, the Snowbank Puffcream is covered in crushed shortbread and filled with delicious fluffy marshmallow.

Christmas Tree Puffcream
Angus An fondly remembers collections of different chocolates shared with friends and family. His favourite combination is frosty mint and chocolate, and he’ll be pairing these classic winter flavours on soft serve to share the Christmas Tree Puffcream.

Eggnog Puffcream
Hamid Salimian’s family gatherings during the holidays are always sweetened with eggnog. Chef Salimian’s puffcream creation combines the traditional spices of cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice that inspire warmth and Christmas cheer.

Popina Cantina will be offering a new Holiday Puffcream (Wednesday through Sunday, 10am to 5pm) throughout the holiday season. Look for future festive flavours from Popina Cantina including Mandarin Orange Creamsicle, Rum Raisin, Candy Cane, and Orange Chocolate Kit Kat while Christmas shopping on Granville Island. Follow Popina Cantina on Instagram to stay up to date with current holiday puffcream offerings and special menu items.

Popina Cantina
Neighbourhood: False Creek
Net Loft, Granville Island

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