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Openings: “Fast Food Disco” To Land At Main & 11th This March

I knew that a few local restaurateurs had been sniffing around the old Juicy Chicken location (aka GH Chicken) on the northwest corner of Main and 11th (2601 Main, right across from Cafeteria), but as Christopher Lambert from Highlander would say, there can be only one. The privilege has gone to Rachel Zottenberg and David Duprey of The Narrow. They are now – as the photo above attests – in the midst of ripping the place to pieces in order to build it back up again as a retro-themed, full-service 75 seater.

It’s called – wait for it – Fast Food Disco. [UPDATE, no it’s not. Minds have been changed. It’s now called “Rumpus Room”]

According to Zottenberg, the decor “is your parents 70’s basement rec room meets you favourite 70’s lake cabin.” To them that means vintage couches for lounging, sinks and toilets the color of avocado, an aquarium, pong games, a slush puppie machine, plenty of formica and a long, dark wood bar with buttoned leather. As for the patio…

Hopefully soon to be the biggest/best patio on Main. And fingers crossed service in roller skates, because…why not really? Covered with astro turf to get that “I’m not at the beach, but I don’t even care” feeling. Maybe a kids pool…definitely one of those porch swings…

I like the enthusiasm.The roller skates? Not so much, that is unless they change the name to Fast Food Lawsuit.

To drink, I’m told we’ll see “all the trashiest cans of beer one could dream about” plus a full 70’s-themed cocktail list. As for the food, Zottenberg says we can expect comfort food tasting the way we remember it tasting way back when.

From the ketchup and mayonnaise to the burgers and smokies, everything is being made daily, in-house. Homemade secrets are being passed around the kitchen right now and we’re testing out everybody’s favourites.

They’ll be grinding all their meats in house and serving fries with over 20 fresh made dip options, and deep fried everything, from pickles and ice cream to Mars bars and perhaps whatever strikes you as being remotely feasible. “I’ve never run a place with a deep fryer before” she says, “so who knows what I’ll find to deep fry next?” I’m personally hoping for Crunchie bars, bacon joints and hollowed out new potatoes filled with gravy and squeaky cheese curds. I might be in luck…

We were thinking we could have a monthly ‘deep fry what you like night’. Can you imagine the stuff people would bring in? I mean we’d have to keep it somewhat under control, but could make for some amazing new discoveries in fast food.

Again, I love the enthusiasm. Opening day is slated for some time in March.

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  1. Wicked! The Narrow is a very cool spot, sort of dark and scary and very NYC ‘ish. Never tried anything on the menu. I was wondering what was going to end up here, and Main St. continues to be cool as all get out. I’m lucky to live close.

  2. Whoa cool. I miss Juicy. I wonder if the Hamburger Disco t-shirt guys are behind this?

  3. Sounds interesting – and looks like competition for nearby Lucy’s.

    @Double L Double H – stay the fuck away then. maybe cactus club instead for you?

  4. Excellent idea ..FAST FOOD DISCO .. Welcome to NW corner of EAST VAN Main street.. being a neighbor we will be looking forward .. & Wish you all the best & success in future . Main street really needs thats kind of fun in term of Restaurants/Bars.. Should be hell fun , Hopefully … GOOD LUCK .. David & Zottenberg …

  5. Cool.. however I’m concerned as the extreme concentration of hipsters this place will result in might just be enough to cause a blackhole and wipe us all from existence. The last thing we’ll ever see is a flash of light, violent swirl of scarves, oversized glasses, and skinny jeans, and then… nothingness for eternity.

  6. Scott. Really? That’s all you got? You must be a member of the Wiserhood. Making fun of Hipster really important work.

  7. Enough of the retro/deep fried/faux suthren whaht-trash shite! It’s time to take a stand Vancouver! Talk with yer wallets.

  8. Ok… I know that it will be loved by hipsters..
    relax. I mean, everyone can go there. there will be all sorts of people going.
    You don’t need to worry about what demographic go there as long as you have fun and just do your own thing.

    After hipsters will be another demo trend just like the morphing from yuppies to emus to psudeo-punks to hipsters. it’s just a thing that groups of people do. Don’t let it get to you so much. It’s all good.

    I think that if people are too worried about hipsters going down there and dominating then they just need to bring their own friends down there to dilute it a bit if that is what they need… but really.. the best thing to do is say ‘cool, a new creative bar.. let’s all go down skaters, boarders, skiiers, hipsters, punks, suits, pedophiles.. whatever.. and just all hear each others stories and give ourselves a chance to change our minds about how negative we feel about each other.

    This place could be a game changer and we could see lots of different people chilln together. so good !

    I am not from North America but plan to get to this bar when I visit this year.
    I love Barneys Beanery in LA because of the mixed demo clientele. Turn to your left and talk to a billion dollar investor, turn to your right and talk to a struggling surfboard maker. Makes for the best nights out.

    Creativity, open minds, tolerance and a will to better yourself by challenging your current mind state and bad mental habits.


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