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Kasama Chocolate Roaring into 2022 with First New Limited Release

The Goods from Kasama Chocolate

Vancouver, BC | In celebration of Lunar New Year, the Year of the Tiger, we collaborated with Noisette by Olivia to bring you this special chocolate bar. It is an ode to the Taiwanese pineapple cake and Asian pineapple tarts – a traditional treat often made and shared during the Lunar New Year. In Taiwanese characters, the word ‘pineapple’ (王梨) is similar phonetically to the phrase, ‘to come forth, prosperous, and thriving’ (旺來).

The thin langue-de-chat biscuit is made with traditional pineapple cake ingredients with the addition of parmesan. It is laid on top of our white chocolate made with Philippine pineapple, resulting in a balanced, creamy chocolate bar with a crisp, savoury centre.

The Chinese calligraphy greeting translates to, “May your blessings prosper and continuously forge ahead, furiously, in the Year of the Tiger.” To all our old and new friends, may your year be filled with good health and many blessings! Wrapper art created by @annbiguity.

You can find the tiger at our shop on Granville Island or in the online store!

Kasama Chocolate
Neighbourhood: False Creek
2-1244 Cartwright St

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