Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 10am-5pm

You can also order from our online shop or find us at the Vancouver Farmer’s Market.


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The People

Dominik Voser – Co-Owner
Oliver Koth-Kappus – Co-Owner
Stefan Klopp – Co-Owner
Vincent Garcia – Co-Owner

About Kasama Chocolate

Kasama Chocolate is an award winning bean-to-bar chocolate company, based in Vancouver, that was born in late 2015. Unlike chocolatiers, who work with pre-made chocolate, Kasama makes chocolate from scratch, straight from the bean, a process involving many steps, including sorting, roasting, winnowing, conching/refining, tempering, molding, and hand wrapping each bar.

Kasama Chocolate focuses on using high quality and ethically sourced ingredients and sources beans from many parts of the world, generally from small farms, to highlight the diverse flavours found in fine cacao, and frequently incorporates ingredients from other local makers.

Awards & Accolades

Finalist for Vancouver Magazine’s Made in Vancouver Awards, June 2020

Awarded 2 Silver Awards and 1 Bronze at International Chocolate Awards Americas for Raspberry White Chocolate (silver), 70% Papua New Guinea (silver), Wallflower Gin (bronze), 2019

Awarded 1 Silver Award and were Grand Jury Finalists at International Chocolate Awards World Final for Raspberry White Chocolate (Grand Jury Finalist), 70% Papua New Guinea (Silver)