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Chefs David Mueller & Tim Schulte Take Over The Kitchen At Gastown’s Bauhaus


The GOODS from Bauhaus

Vancouver, BC | Bauhaus Restaurant owner Uwe Boll is very excited to announce the arrival of executive chef Tim Schulte, who will join executive chef David Mueller as the new all-star team.

Tim Schulte comes to Bauhaus Restaurant from Germany where he worked for over 11 years in top restaurants. In 2013 he was awarded distinction ” Best Chef of the Year.” After this award, he went on to work alongside celebrity chef and owner Tim Mälzer in Hamburg. He came to Vancouver for a brief time to work with Stefan Hartmann at Bauhaus Restaurant before going on to Australia to work alongside chef Neale White as a Sous Chef in Melbourne, and help open a new restaurant 12 Micron in Sydney with New Zealand chef Andrew Mccrea.

“I am very excited to take on the role as co-head chef of Bauhaus Restaurant with David Mueller. Vancouver has become an incredible food city with so much potential to work with great local sourced seasonal ingredients. My menus focus on fresh produce; I love to play with different textures in my dishes layering raw, cooked, crunchy, burned, and juicy… My philosophy is Simplicity is Complexity!?” says Tim Schulte.

David Mueller has been with Bauhaus for the past 18 months alongside chef Stefan Hartman. He will now take on the role of executive chef. Born in British Columbia, David has worked for the last ten years in many top restaurants. Before joining Bauhaus, David worked alongside two culinary stars: starting his career working under the wing of Food Network Chef Michael Lyons and with his mentor former Five Diamond Eden Chef Justin Best and Atelier, under Chef Marc Lepine.

“My previous work with Tim Schulte was only a glimpse into the possibilities that we together, can achieve for Bauhaus. I want every guest that comes to Bauhaus to feel welcome; like a friend that I have invited into my home for dinner. I truly believe that cooking is an art form that is appreciated best when all five sense is balanced. My goal is that each guest who dines here experiences something that they have never experienced before; through texture, taste or technique.” says David Mueller.

After almost two years executive chef Stefan Hartmann will be departing Bauhaus to pursue consulting.

“I am very happy to have had the opportunity to bring Stefan Hartmann over from Berlin to open Bauhaus. For 24 years now he has been working long hours and late nights in kitchens around the world. Moving into consulting is entirely understandable and for him is a financial decision. My vision for Bauhaus has always been that we never stand still and move forward, getting better and better. I am very excited to have both Tim Schulte and David Mueller join as Bauhaus’ executive team. They are both young, creative and exceptionally talented chefs. They undoubtedly have the skills to achieve a Michelin Star one day!” says Uwe Boll, owner of Bauhaus.


10891843_772197392870087_1058341375084446009_n1 West Cordova St. | Vancouver, BC | V6B 2J2
Telephone: 604-974-1147 | info [at] bauhaus-restaurant.com
Web: www.bauhaus-restaurant.com | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


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Owner: Uwe Boll
Chefs: Tim Schulte & David Mueller
General Manager: Daniel Klintworth
Event Coordinator: Kimberley Busch



Bauhaus Restaurant is Vancouver’s newest award-wining upscale dining experience, delivering innovative techniques, fresh flavours, and exceptional service. The a la carte menu reflects a contemporary approach to German classic cuisine, while the seasonal tasting menu showcases modern European fare.

Located in Gastown, the restaurant is housed inside one of Vancouver’s most unique historic buildings, The Boulder Hotel, which was originally built in 1890. Over the last 100 years, the building has gone through many changes, from its early days as a saloon, to a bank, and, finally, a hotel. Led by Vancouver designer Andrea Greenway, we have designed the restaurant to work within this historic space, featuring a dining room, a large lounge area, and an open-concept kitchen.



“I tried the six course tasting menu and it blew me away. Seriously.” – The Vancouverite

“Fine-dining classic unlike anything else.” – The Globe & Mail

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