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DownLow Burgers Launches New NY Bodega-Style “Chopped Cheese” Pop-Up

The Goods from DownLow Burgers

Vancouver, BC | Chopped Cheese creations have been growing in popularity across the US and Downlow Burgers is now bringing this delicious sandwich phenom, a NY bodega speciality, to Vancouver. On the second Monday of every month at 5p.m., starting March 13, 2023, guests can get their hands on a variety of Chopped Cheese flavours at The American (926 Main Street).

The classic Chopped Cheese features a burger patty that is cooked to the point of a nice char, then chopped up with spices and vegetables, before slices of cheese are melted on top. It’s then placed inside a hoagie bun, or in Downlow Burgers’ case, a foot-long seeded sub bun.

“We absolutely love all things American fast food culture-related and the Chopped Cheese is definitely up there, and we thought it would be fun to make our own version of the sandwich with a once-a-month pop-up,” says Doug Stephen, co-owner of DL Chicken, Downlow Burgers, Vennie’s Sub Shop, and The Drive Canteen. “Together with our long time manager, Markus Thibeau, we’ve created several Chopped Cheese options, including a veggie and chicken version. It’s definitely fun chopping it all up on our flat top, until you get a bit of that char. The flavours are incredible together!”

Downlow Burger’s Chopped Cheese menu ($12 for a half/$22 for a full) include:

The DL Way – chopped beef patty, DL medium spice, American cheese, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, shredduce, tomato, mayo and ketchup on a foot-long seeded bun

The Americana Way – chopped beef patty, American aheese, onions, shredduce, and pickles on a foot-long seeded bun

The Chicken Way – crispy fried chicken tenders, queso, shredduce, pickled reds, mayo, ketchup, tomato on a foot-long seeded bun

The Plant Way – crispy fried chick’n tenders, SinQueso vegan cheese sauce, shredduce, pickled reds, Vegannaisse, ketchup, and tomato on a foot-long seeded bun

There will be specials each month, including The Fuego Way with DL hot spice and jalapeno peppers.

Guests can also order a variety of sides from the Downlow Burgers menu, such as tots, chicken wings, falafel, and nachos.

“We’re so excited to explore all of the different ways a Chopped Cheese can be put together, and look forward to slinging even more unique flavours in the months to come,” adds Stephen.

Chopped Cheese by Downlow Burgers begins Monday, March 13, 2023, available for dinner from 5 p.m.

Neighbourhood: Main Street
926 Main St.

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