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Celebrate a Hundred Years of Modern Art at Gastown’s Bauhaus

The GOODS from Bauhaus

Vancouver, BC | German photographer Jean Molitor has traveled the world for over a decade in search of capturing the Bauhaus Movement’s legacy in architecture. Now, you can take a look at a selection of photographs from his “Bau1haus” project at our venue.

This year marks a centenary since the inauguration of the German school that most inspired modernism throughout the 20th century.

Therefore, Bauhaus Restaurant is thrilled to be a part of the world-wide celebration of the foundations that gave birth to modern arts by showcasing the architectural oeuvres that inspired so many.

Whether set in Austria, Germany or Israel, the photographs of Jean Molitor’s project testifies the influence that the Bauhaus teachings, style and philosophy had throughout the art world on its way through modernism.

“It is a tribute to an era and to a specific style of constructing buildings. Modernism has spread throughout the entire world and under different names, such as the International Style in the United States, Art Deco in France, or Bauhaus, New Objectivity, New Building, Brick Expressionism, or Functionalism in Germany. The buildings themselves and the photographs by Jean Molitor stand above labels, definitions, and pigeonholes.” -Kaija Voss, Architecture Historian.

Famous for its unique approach to architecture and design where every form has a function; the chefs at Bauhaus Restaurant use the artistic movement’s principles to guide their culinary creations through each seasonal menu.

While only sourcing the best quality ingredients from local farms in British Columbia, we stay true to their form so when we match them with our German flavors, they all have a genuine function in the tasting menu’s thorough-composition.

You are welcome to come and immerse yourself in the artistic philosophy of the Bauhaus Movement at our venue.

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