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3 Stars Combine For 1 Joint, The Corner Suite Bistro De Luxe

The cast and crew of The Corner Suite Bistro De Luxe: Steve Da Cruz, Andre McGillivray, and chef Anthony Sedlak.

This one is being played pretty tight to the chest, but I’ve been on it for awhile and now have at least some of the details confirmed (and others denied).

Former Boneta co-owner and Le Crocodile/Lumiere/Chambar managerial alumnus Andre McGillivray has partnered up with barman Steve Da Cruz (Boneta and most recently on the wood at Gastropod). Together they’ve secured the old Piccolo Mondo location (most recently Saveur) at 850 Thurlow, just off the Robson drag. They’re releasing no details on the concept or the plan just yet, but with the players involved I think it’s safe to assume that we might be looking at a cocktail-forward and service driven joint with very good food. I’m imagining a downtown cousin of Chambar and Boneta.

The bigger news is that the executive chef is going to be none other than Anthony Sedlak, local boy and star of the Food Network show, The Main. This is Anthony’s first executive role, which means this is likely just as exciting for him as it is for his legions of fans.


The Wiki on Sedlak:

Anthony L. Sedlak is a Canadian chef, and the host of Food Network Canada’s The Main. He was born in Prince George, British Columbia and grew up in North Vancouver.

At age 13, Sedlak began bussing at the Grouse Mountain cafeteria. He was soon promoted to the resort’s main kitchen at 14, where he worked as production cook for what was then Bar 98. By 16 he was working at the Grouse Nest restaurant (now The Observatory). During this time he completed the Culinary Art Program at Carson Graham Secondary School in North Vancouver, followed by a four-year apprenticeship program at Vancouver Community College.

Following the advice of Sylvain Cuerrier, the executive chef for Grouse Mountain, 20-year-old Sedlak joined the team at La Trompette restaurant in West London where he worked under Chef Olivier Couillaud. With the experience and knowledge gained at La Trompette Sedlak returned to Grouse Mountain Resorts where he was offered the position of sous-chef at The Observatory.

At 22, with the help of Chef Harold Bonkowski, head of the culinary arts department at VCC, Sedlak was selected as Canada’s representative for the 2006 Hans Bueschken World Junior Chef Challenge in Auckland. He came away with a silver medal.

A few months later Sedlak won Food Network’s Superstar Chef Challenge II. After the win he left The Observatory to shoot The Main which premiered on 1 October 2007.

And the rest is history. With The Main just wrapped their fourth year of filming, Sedlak – a cookbook author to boot – has now become a national brand.

The trio have only just taken possession, and they’re looking at a significant reconstruction. Opening day is ambitiously scheduled for July 1st, with 130 seats in total.

The name of their restaurant project? “The Corner Suite Bistro De Luxe”.

There are 13 comments

  1. That’s a great name! I’m so bored of the short and unspecific stuff. Explain to me please “Nu”, “Grub,” “R.TL,” “Circa,” “Fuel”, and “Chow”!?

  2. THis sounds Fantastic.. I am so looking forward to the experience and meeting this group…. I’ll be there with a large gathering for the food and the company
    All the best of luck …..

  3. Graeme,
    NU- Naked
    Grub – Food
    R TL – Regional Tasting Lounge (it’s on the card)
    Circa- The age old process of soaking corks
    Fuel- Food
    Chow- Food
    Hope this clears up any confusion, I think one or two of the above establishments may be located on a corner, but how the fuck would we know that!

  4. The Corner Suite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Epic!
    Anthony is an amazing Chef…………..damn this man can rip it up! So excited and proud!
    lookout Vancouver…..this will be epic! I cant wait to come check it out!

  5. I walk by The Corner Suite Bistro De Luxe every day on my way to work. I can’t say I haven’t enjoyed watching this space evolve into what I’m sure is going to be a successful new endeavor, but when is this place gonna open already?! My girlfriends and I are in anticipation of a new hot place for good food and tasty drinks in our hood… plus, the fact that they are all pretty easy on the eyes doesn’t hurt either.

  6. I am not one to pipe into these conversations but these boys are among he best at what we do! I have worked with Anthony(the guy can cook) and Andre( the guy can smooz/run a room anywhere) Not only is Steve DC the Workhorse/ Leader/ and Quarterback…the guys hire great btenders…
    As a restaurant owner and the owner chef, i know how hard it is to make a run at it…support support support…

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