Kasama Chocolate Releases Barrel-Aged ‘Single Malt’ Whisky Bar

The GOODS from Kasama Chocolate

Vancouver, BC | It may be dark and cold outside, but something warm and fiery is flowing from our chocolate forges here in the depths of East Van.

For this very special batch of chocolate, we roasted our single estate Costa Esmeraldas cacao beans, then cracked them into nibs and aged them in an oak cask with Odd Society Distillery’s Commodore single malt whisky for 4 weeks, turning the barrel twice a day.

The Commodore whisky was distilled with 100% BC grown, malted barley, and aged in ex-bourbon barrels, giving it a distinctive peppery-sweetness, along with dark fruit, clove and toffee notes. Once finished aging, the cacao nibs were dried and stone ground for 3 days to create a deliciously rich dark chocolate with a backbone of oak and whisky, along with hints of stone fruits and spices.

The Single Malt bar is now available in our online shop.

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