33 Acres Launches ‘Staff Tips’ Gift Certificate Program to Help Staff in Crisis

The GOODS from 33 Acres Brewing Co.

Vancouver, BC | Starting today we have launched an online donation program called “Staff Tips – Gift Certificate” to help all our Front of House staff and some of our production staff re-coop their wages that E.I. can’t cover. More than anything we wish we could continue to keep these folks on staff and help fill in that wage gap. Unfortunately we simply do not have the funds to do so. The hit we take by not being able to sell by the glass product and operate as usual will have devastating affects to our business. What we can do though, is sell gift cards, and give 100% of those sales to our affected staff members. The only catch…these gift cards can be used only once our tasting rooms open back up for glass and food sales. So essentially, you are pre-paying for glasses of beer or food in our tasting room. I know this is a bit strange, but these are uncharted waters, and it’s how we can support our staff now and pay for it later when our community comes back. We love our people, and we need to make smart business decisions so we can re-hire them once this crisis has calmed and it is safe to do so. Hit up our online shop at shop.33acresbrewing.com. There you will see the gift card for “Staff Tips”. Any amount helps. Starting at $5. Thank you for reading.

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