88-Seat ‘Palate Kitchen’ Opening Soon

The team behind Pallet Coffee Roasters is on the verge of getting into the restaurant game with Palate Kitchen, an 88-seat beauty in the old Ceperley Rounsfell Building at 848 West Hastings Street.

This was a total surprise. When I walked in off the street earlier this week my eyes went wide and my jaw dropped. The completely refreshed, 4,500 sqft space is a stunner. Built in 1921 and done up in the imposing Georgian Revival style, it once held offices that managed real estate and peddled insurance. The voluminous 99-year old space is lofty with sprawling mezzanine levels front and back. The sides see high and bright white walls with modern sconces and original panelling. The ceiling looks to be a grid of old glass skylights, their collective glow subdued by time. That it will very shortly be a fully-functioning restaurant is a shocker. I wonder what old Henry T. Ceperley (who was instrumental in the establishment of nearby Stanley Park) would make of it…

So what can we expect from Palate? There’s a tiny grab and go cafe at the very front of the space, but the rest of it – including the mezzanines – will be dedicated to sit down brunch and lunch services from 8am to 3pm on weekdays and from 9am to 4pm on weekends. The chef is Moroccan-born Khalid Kahya, who is aiming to combine the flavours of Rome, Paris and Marrakech and express them through the North American brunch tradition. That means Kefta Tagine, Moroccan flat breads, halloumi sandos, smoked caviar eggplant, five different toasts, burratta salads and more (full menu here). The floor staff were in for a tasting when I was doing my walk-through, and the plates looked and smelled really good. They won’t have a liquor license at launch next week, but I’m told it’s in the works. Take a closer look inside…

  • IMG_4579
  • IMG_4580
  • IMG_4585
  • IMG_4587
  • IMG_4588
  • IMG_4589
  • IMG_4591
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  1. Exciting! I look forward to trying it. I used to live in Morocco so I relish an opportunity to eat *excellent* Moroccan food.

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