Gastown’s Bauhaus to Host Vegan Pop-Up Dinner With German Chef Boris Lauser

The GOODS from Bauhaus

Vancouver, BC | On the invitation of the German Consulate General in Vancouver, traveling from Germany for this one-day event Chef Boris Lauser will be creating a 5-course menu crafted with only purest organic, vegan, raw ingredients mainly shopped from local farmers focusing on local and seasonal ingredients.

Thu, 26 September 2019 | 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

About Chef Boris Lauser | Boris Lauser, founder of b.alive!, has trained at the world’s most renowned schools for raw food, including the Tree of Life and the Matthew Kenney Academy in the United States. He has held pop-up dinners from Berlin to Bali, Thailand, U.S., Austria and all across Europe. Together with a vast network of friends around the globe, Chef Boris Lauser does his very best to bring fabulous culinary creations, raw food spirit, and good vibes to as many corners of the planet as possible.

“I am a true foodie, lover of culinary arts, and enjoy the pleasures of eating. I founded my company intending to bring one message to everyone out there, and that is you do not have to miss out on anything eating a healthy diet. But instead, you can indulge in beautiful, tasty food and still feel great every day and nurture your body with all it needs to b.alive!” – Chef Boris Lauser


Heirloom late harvest tomatoes, proviotic cashew coconut mozzarella, basil oil, macadamia brittle

Smoked beetroot carpaccio, fermented horseradish, miso caramelized hazelnuts

Crunchy black bean tempeh on a carrot- date- kimchee puree, radish zuke, pink radishes

Sprouted wild rice beetroot risotto in macadamia saffron buttercream, fried mushrooms, hazelnut berry foam, wild herbs

Probiotic berry cheesecake – blackberry spruce puree – celery root white chocolate ice cream – white cardamom chocolate


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