‘Monday Bar School’ Returns With Afternoon Bourbon Class at Cafe Medina

Remember the cocktail-making, ridiculously talkative and always educating force of nature that was “H”? Well, he may have upped sticks back across the pond, but that doesn’t mean we don’t fondly recall the impact he had on Vancouver’s bar scene.

Thankfully, another veteran of the wood and well has taken it upon herself to resurrect his Monday Bar School. Cocktail lovers might remember Julia Comu from Boneta, The Keefer Bar, Clough Club, and Pidgin. Though she may have taken over the Events Coordinator role at Cafe Medina (“I have grown an odd appreciation for having dry hands.” she says), she sees the return of H’s scholastic endeavour as a way to give back to a community that gave her so much.

H at The Diamond, circa 2012 | Scout archive

“I noticed the younger bartenders lacked a mentor and the learning opportunities that I and my fellow bartenders had and wanted to give them the same opportunity.” she explains, adding that it will – as per H’s tradition – remain not-for-profit and unbranded.

The newly returned Monday Bar School is now three classes in, and the next goes down this Monday, March 18th at Medina Cafe between 4-6pm. Ron Oliver of Mamie Taylor’s will be on hand to share his love and wisdom of bourbon (which is considerable). Check this out:

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