Max Borrowman Has Espresso Martinis on Nitro Tap at Juniper


Vancouver, BC | With the sun setting so terribly early, some of us are in need of a drink to keep us going into the evening. Skip the lattes and energy drinks, and slide up to the bar at Juniper for a perfectly crafted Espresso Martini…on nitro tap!

Created by Juniper Bar Manager Max Borrowman, the Espresso Martini on tap incorporates Absolut Vanilia vodka, house-made espresso liqueur, fresh pressed espresso, and lavender bitters. The silky Guinness-like texture and beautiful crema are fuelled by a nitrogen gas line especially designed for the cocktail.

Max Borrowman describes the cocktail thusly: “After travelling to Melbourne and seeing nitro-fuelled espresso martinis across the city, I knew I had to bring it back to Vancouver. It took a lot of tinkering to get the nitrous just right, but now the drink is consistently fantastic. It’s been very popular with our guests ever since.”

Available on tap always, and on for just $8 during Happy Hour, Monday-Friday from 4:30pm to 6pm.


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