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Terror is Brewing at “Dead Fellows”

The Goods from Strange Fellows Brewing

Vancouver, BC | The veil between the worlds of the living and the dead has been torn open and “Dead Fellows” has been hijacked by the Undead on a grisly mission.

Seeking revenge for their untimely deaths, a party of brewers who died in a tragic accident on these grounds have returned from the dead to make beer for their friends from the other side who have a taste for beer with lots of “body”.

What tragic accident you ask? Prior to 1917, False Creek extended East to where Clark Drive and Strange Fellows Brewing stand today and was crossed by bridges connecting the farmland and industrial areas on the South side with downtown on the North. In October 1899 the East bridge collapsed, sending everyone on it to their deaths. Nine people died, including a team of Brewers who were enroute to deliver beer to Gassy Jack’s saloon in Gastown…

Every year around the end of October and the anniversary of the tragedy we have felt a disturbing presence in the brewery which is located exactly where the East Bridge once stood. Unfortunately, the drowned brewers have returned in the flesh (um… more like without flesh) and are on the hunt for fresh ingredients for their terrifying beer: YOU! No number of humans it seems will satisfy their friends’ thirst for full-bodied beer.

Do you and yours dare enter this swamp of horrors teeming with terrifying creatures from the Land of the Dead, and can you make it through without becoming the body in their brew? A glass of revitalizing beer and an otherworldly party with the Undead await those who survive.


October 27th-31st

Friday – Tuesday, 5-10pm

FAMILY-FRIENDLY (reduced scare)
Saturday & Sunday, 12-4:30pm

Kids and the faint of heart are welcome to a less-terrifying experience. Minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Early Bird Tickets available online now.
Until they are no more…

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This Halloween won’t be complete without a visit to the most horrifying haunted brewery in town!

Neighbourhood: East Vancouver
1345 Clark Dr.

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