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Hit Container Brewing for One-Night-Only Table Service with PiDGiN

We’re coming out of the Winter season, and boy do we feel it. Everyone can use a dose of affordable, approachable fun right about now… Enter Chef Wes Young and the PiDGiN kitchen crew, who are carting their mobile commissary kitchen over to Container Brewing for a good-time party-time on March 26th, and delivering an unprecedented experience…

Yup, this event will mark the brewery’s inaugural table service event! We’re not talking anything too formal, though: just PiDGiN-style snacks, plated and paired with Container’s renowned brews. And the pièce de résistance: a sneaky taste of the yet-to-be-released Pidgin x Container collaboration beer, ‘Tokyo French Kiss’ — a refreshing French saison infused with a hit of yuzu. Yum!

The event goes down all-day-long, from 2pm to 8pm on Tuesday, March 26th. In our mind, this counts as a totally justifiable deke-out-of-work-early / extended-lunch-break occasion…but if you can’t finagle either of those options, then rest assured that the snacks, beers and good times will still be happening into the evening hours, and tickets are priced affordably ($14). Each one will get you an order of PiDGiN’s famous gochugaru-citrus-spiced chicharron or tempura maitakes with yuzu mayo – both which just so happen to go perfectly with your half-pour of Tokyo French Kiss.

As Brewer David Dayco explains: “Our goal with Tokyo French Kiss was to come up with a cohesive beer that combined French, Asian and local elements, to mirror the cuisine offered at PiDGiN. The expressive French saison yeast we chose finishes dry and offers notes of cracked pepper, clove, apple and pear. The Japanese Yuzu addition adds a refreshing citrus note with a mild tartness that enhances the natural crispness of the saison. To incorporate a local element, we used locally grown Sterling hops that compliment the other elements with subtle notes of spice, herbs and citrus.”

Once you’ve had your initial snack and saison, you probably won’t want to leave. Good news: you don’t have to. Stick around to work your way through a line-up of six a la carte dishes, also matching up nicely with Container beers (of which there are a dozen on tap to choose from). Dig it:

Chicken Wings
Gochujang Sauce, Tosazu Pickled Daikon

Pair with:
L Noch Mal German Pilsner
(clean, with subtle green tea and lemongrass notes)

Beef Tendon Chicharrón
Gochugaru Citrus Spice

Pair with:
Tokyo French Kiss

Nori Butter

Pair with:
Forgotten Trail West Coast IPA
(more intense, moderately bitter with earthy/citrus notes)

Spicy Albacore Sansho Zuke
Taro Chip

Pair with:
Victory Lap Kölsch
(clean, light, crisp, good with spicy)

Pork Katsu Sando
Milk Bread, Bulldog Sauce, Cabbage

Pair with:
Cloud Theory Nitro IPA
(full-bodied, creamy texture, fruit-forward hops)

Tempura Maitake
Yuzu Mayo

Pair with:
Again, the Tokyo French Kiss is a nice pairing here

Filling your belly with good food and beer while supporting two independently owned businesses at the same time – what a great way to spend a school night! Scoop a ticket in advance (seriously, though: this helps the restaurant prepare the right amount of food) here. See you there!

Container Brewing
Neighbourhood: Strathcona
1216 Franklin Ave.

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