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Secure Your Tickets for the Burdock & Co X Angela Hartnett Collab Dinner Now!

Photo credit: Murano; @burcuoglu for Burdock & Co.

If, like us, you assumed that tickets for next month’s Burdock & Co x Angela Hartnett collaboration dinner sold out the second it was announced, we have some good news! Act fast and there’s a chance you can still snag one of the few spots remaining for the 8pm seating…

If that’s all you needed to hear, then stop reading now and zip over to Burdock’s Tock page (here) to lock in your reservation STAT. Still need some convincing? Here’s the rundown: for one night only (Sunday, February 4th) Andrea Carlson and her crew will be making room in the Burdock & Co kitchen to welcome the popular UK-based chef and restaurateur behind London’s Michelin-starred, Italian-inspired Murano restaurant. This event is part of the 8th annual Vancouver World Chef Exchange and is a reciprocation of Chef Carlson and Chef Hartnett’s April 2023 collab dinner, which took Carlson to the other side of the pond for a similar dinner at Murano. Guests to the Vancouver 2024 edition will get to enjoy an evening showcasing both Chef’s talents expressed across four courses at Burdock & Co.

Tickets to this bi-continental culinary meeting-of-minds are not cheap – $175 each, plus tax and grats – but we have no doubt that the experience will be worth it …and certainly no comparison to the cost and inconvenience of a nine-hour-long cross-Atlantic flight to catch Hartnett in action on her home turf! Plus dollars saved on your flight can (and, in our opinion, should) be funnelled into the extra cost of wine pairings by local celebrated somm (slash rad human being), Kelcie Jones (This is Wine School). It also goes without saying that the ambience and wine selection at Burdock beats even the most lux flight cabin’s.

Enough said! If you’ve made it this far, and are thusly convinced, then head over here and hope that it isn’t already too late to join in on the action…

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