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¡Salud! to Five Years of ¿CóMO? Taperia

Last night (Monday, November 27th) ¿CóMO? Taperia celebrated their half-decade milestone with a special party. Although we couldn’t be there ourselves, we wanted to offer our love and respect here nonetheless, by reflecting on their five years of business so far…

Since opening doors at 201 E 7th Ave in Mount Pleasant back in 2018, ¿CóMO? has shown up on various ‘Best Of’ lists, won multiple awards, and weathered the pandemic – and continues to shine as a beacon of Spanish-inspired warmth and fun in Vancouver. The project was in the works for a long time before doors opened in 2018. When that day finally arrived, this is what Andrew Morrison had to say:

“I don’t think I’d be making a bold prediction by saying that ¿CóMO? Taperia is going to be a hit. Consider the elements: They’ve got an excellent team working the front and back (more on that here), ownership is constantly present, the food and drink are finely tuned, the prices are fair, and the location is inarguably among the better ones of 2018’s crop of new restaurants. The arithmetic is just correct. If they aren’t at capacity every night from day one, I’d be gobsmacked.”

As always, his restaurant arithmetic and prediction was spot-on. Here is to a continued future of good times and at-capacity nights, fellas!

We aren’t the only ones with nice things to say about ¿CóMO?, by any means, though. Below is a little bit of extra love from some of their past and present staff members, customers, and peers. And keep scrolling to the bottom to scope out a photo gallery of highlights from last night’s anniversary celebration (courtesy of Ksenia Dempster).

I’ve loved Como from the first day it opened and appreciate its transportive quality as much as its warm hospitality and delicious food & drink. It’s as close to Madrid as you’ll get without a flight and the perfect example of how passion trumps the false idol of “authenticity”.” — James Iranzad, Partner, Gooseneck Hospitality

I have had the opportunity to work with both Shaun and Frankie over the years and they are both pros. I have never worked with someone who was more consistent on the day-to-day as Shaun – he is always ‘Game Ready’ (and he’s a great leader). Frankie is a charming, warm, devoted hospitality ambassador. Both of their personalities come through in their business. Honestly, it’s no wonder that they are seeing the success they are – hats off to them!” — Paul Grunberg, Owner, Banda Volpi

The opportunity to work with Shaun and Frankie was the most exciting. Knowing Shaun from his time at L’Abbatoir and working with Frankie on Meat & Bread – it was exciting to work with both of them together. We loved their sources of inspiration – their love of football, food, and drink all rolled into one, and the idea that those two things could work together in one place in a new way. They had so many great references from their travels, galleries of photos, menus and loads of ideas that made the potential of the project one that we were immediately inspired by. And then name… ‘What the!?’… what fun!” — Phoebe Glasfurd, Co Founder & Creative Director, Glasfurd & Walker

Cómo is the perfect mix of great food, great drinks and great vibes. Cooking at Como Taperia is always a special experience for me; it’s like being with friends and brings me joy.” — Javier Blanc, Paella Guys

We got a special place in our hearts for Como. Shaun and Frankie have become a regular fixture here at Brassneck- sneaking down for a cheeky beer before service. What they and the rest of the crew have created over at Como is a truly unique experience for Vancouver. Anyone who has ever been to Spain and enjoyed its endless tapas bars knows that everyone at Como totally nailed it here in Vancouver.

P.S. Nigel says “can you turn the music down a little bit!” — Brassneck Brewery Team (Conrad, Nigel, and Jeff)

When we heard Como/SL/Frankie were opening the spot in our hood 1 year after we opened, we were definitely intimidated. How could we compete with those pros? Needless to say, it was love at first bite/sight, and when the team bought AJ’s pies for a staff meal in early 2019 and posted about us we knew this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” — AJ & Theresa Caridi, AJ’s Brooklyn Pizza Joint

Como was hands-down the funnest job I’ve ever had. I can’t believe how much I learned about Spain! Shaun and Frankie are true legends of hospitality. I was always grateful for their hard work, positive energy, and authenticity. Thanks for a great run! Congrats on all your success!” — Kristi Linneboe, Former General Manager, ¿CóMO? Taperia 

If I was to say something about Como, it would be that it’s home. Truly. For so many of us. Sounds cheesy but it’s the kind of place people come for hugs (well, I hug them), for fun, for food, but mostly, for a sweet little escape into a completely different and warm world – I know this because, well, that was me before I ever worked here. This has been my spot.” — Leticia Castro, Current General Manager, ¿CóMO? Taperia

Working at COMO was an absolute whirlwind, such a fun, energetic, and welcoming place. Being my first job in Van it really felt like I found a new home and met so many amazing people.

I remember working New Year’s 2019 – we closed at 11 every night, so Shaun and Frankie thought it would be weird to open later just for that. We worked service as usual, closed up the restaurant, and flipped the blinds. They proceeded to build a massive cava tower, order $500 in McDonald’s for all the staff and friends, and we all danced and hung out all night. Everyone could’ve gone somewhere else to celebrate New Year’s, but with that team and the vibes, it was the place to be!” — TJ McWilliams, Former Team Member, ¿CóMO? Taperia

Nothing but love and respect for the Como team! They have brought back some of our favourite things from Spain – sipping Estrella outside at the barrel, standing at the busy bar rubbing elbows with strangers over sherry and tapas, watching the overly talented kitchen create authentic and insanely delicious Spanish plates – and mixed it with a local Mt Pleasant vibe where the staff and regulars feel more like family. 6 out of 5 stars if only they would put the “Smashburguesa” back on the menu!” — Toula & Jason, ¿CóMO? Taperia ‘Regulars’

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