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Local Industry Veterans Team Up For Gastown’s Meat & Bread

LtR: Joseph Sartor (Nu) with Meat & Bread owners Cord Jarvie (La Brasserie) and Frankie Harrington (Chambar)

I’ve got a hankering for a porchetta sandwich after getting the low-down on Meat & Bread, a new specialty sandwich shop arriving in Gastown this Autumn. The 1380 sqft. space at 320 Cambie at Hastings (in the old Flack Building off Victory Square) has been taken over by old front of house hands/friends Cord Jarvie and Frankie Harrington. We met up at the space this morning, just a few hours after they were given the keys.

  • Joseph Sartor, Cord Jarvie, Frankie Harrington before the opening of Meat & Bread
  • Exterior of Meat & Bread
  • Pillar detail | Meat & Bread
  • Birds Eye | Meat & Bread
  • Cord, Frankie and Joe
  • Interior | Meat & Bread
  • Interior | Meat & Bread

Cord is from Australia, where he worked at Melbourne’s award-winning Attica. He’s no stranger to Vancouver, though. Serial diners will recognise him from the floor at Davie’s popular La Brasserie. Both he and Frankie were at Feenie’s way back in the day, but you’ll most probably remember Frankie from Chambar, where he has been a fixture out front for longer than I can remember.

The pair met in Dublin 10 years ago while working at Eden, and the food concept at Meat & Bread centers on the genesis of that friendship. They used to get their pre-shift eats up the street at a butcher’s dream-of-a-joint called Gruel, where meats for sandwiches were hard-carved right in front of them. Tasked with deliciously re-animating those memories for all will be none other than chef Joseph Sartor (ex-Nu, La Brasserie, currently covering shifts at Bao Bei in Chinatown).


They’ll be doing just four roast-based sandwiches, including a mainstay sure to get carnivores quaking: a rolled porchetta monster that will be carved to order. Soups and salads will play supporting roles, as will beer and cider (one of each). They’re also hoping to do a line of in-house retail products, including a salt rub, a hot sauce and a mustard.


Under high ceilings we can expect lots of white subway tile, a 30ft. long open kitchen and service bar (with a few seats) and a steel-topped communal table that should seat 20. Craig Stanghetta (co-designer of the lovely Bao Bei) is in charge of the aesthetics, while the sharp and simple branding comes courtesy of Glasfurd-Walker (L’Abattoir, Chambar Ale, etc). The look and feel sounds mighty masculine. “You know Finch’s?” Frankie asks, referring to the Bohemian flea market chic sandwich shop a few blocks away on Pender. “Yeah, it’ll be the opposite of that.”

Can’t hardly wait.

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  1. Hey,

    Just to clarify, up top it’s says i designed Bao Bei, which is partly true – but bao bei’s overall design was one long insane and incredibly awesome collaboration between Tannis (Bao Bei’s owner), myself and of course Ryan Murfitt who, as you know, has been busy helping everyone else in this city build some pretty sharp places.

    Also, who’s the guy in the center photo up top wearing those dainty little sandles..?

    in closing: Meat & Bread, Fall 2010.

  2. Frankie & Cord…

    I’m so excited for you guys…I can’t wait to visit Vancouver and get my grub on!!!

    Love Denise

  3. Lads…

    You guys are living it! Enjoy every moment. Enjoy every second. You guys have created this dream…and deserve to play the leads! Now I have a place to haunt when I come home to Vancouver. The beer thing has gotta change though. Have you thought about Vodka???



  4. SOOO VERY excited for you guys. Looks super slick already. Am starting swimming to Canada tomorrow so after that and the long hike across the country I should be starving for some damn fine meat, bread, handsome staff, stylish surroundings and a cool refreshing beer…..can you have that ready for me?
    Best of luck all the way from Eden days.

  5. Congratulations fellas!!!
    My mouth is watering just thinking about the meat and cheese…
    can’t wait for the opening!!


  6. Best of Irish Luck with your venture . Best wishes to Cord also . Man does not live by Bread Alone . Give the people cake as well !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ken H
    Hope to be a customer very soon .
    All the best from the Dublin Branch of Harrington International .

  7. This looks fantastic! I will definitely be checking it out 🙂

    Meat, bread, ’nuff said.

  8. Congratulations!
    I need to go back next year to Vancouver only to try that meet and cheese!!
    I’m very happy to hear you will be opening it soon, but I’ll have to wait until next year!
    Have a nice opening!


  9. I remember you two shooting the **** back in dublin! it’s good to see two studs make some amazing yummy food for us all. Can’t wait to come visit!!! Love you guys! ANDREA

  10. What can i say only we had a fabulous time on Monday at the Thankgiving Dinner , Joe you did an amazing job as did Terry anf Cord and Francis , you are a great team and I want to say once cagain” May you sail on the Seas of ambition and arrive on the shores of success” and I want to let Joe know that John would say that the ‘potatoe’ perhaps was a little over done , Will see you soon , will keep the prayers going for your success Mary H

  11. It was never in doubt! Congratulations lads on following a dream. M&B will be be the first and last leg of any sandwich walking tour in Van. Save me some crackling for when we arrive to sample the goods.

  12. Guy in the middle creeps me out. I hope he’s not allowed in the kitchen. Why is he dressed like a 17 yr old hipster chick

    So if they’re the opposite of finches are they not a sandwich shop?

  13. Not to step on your wicked sandal hate or anything, but this shot was taken in the summer on the very day after they took possession. You can wear whatever you want on the day you lock down your first space. Those are some happy toes, so share the moment.

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