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Johnny Taylor x PiDGiN Art Collaboration

The GOODS from Pidgin

Vancouver, BC | Witnessing an established artist going through an evolution can be quite the treat for the viewer. Seeing local contemporary abstract painter Johnny Taylor go through a conscious metamorphosis after gaining critical acclaim for his last body of work was truly inspiring for our team at PiDGiN. While many would play to their strengths, his hunger for growth motivated a new direction that took time and dedication to develop.

Johnny’s interest and time immersed in Japanese culture fueled the departure from his line-heavy, architectural aesthetic into beautifully minimal, motion-driven expressions focused on the Japanese art of flower arrangement — Ikebana. This ancient Japanese tradition has a strident methodology. Johnny ruminates on how the components within its visual language translates to the painting process: minimalism emphasizing motion with the use of empty space; leading the eye with rhythmic sections of colour; variation and contrast in visual design aspects such as length, mass and texture. His new collection of works serve as a symbol of how a perfectly balanced arrangement of petals, leaves and branches can cut through the flawless empty space to be softly printed onto our mind’s eye.

Chef Wesley Young created a mouthwatering dish inspired by Johnny Taylor’s process. Seared scallops and poached oysters served in a delicate, yet impactful foaming soy dashi complimented with ikura and a kaiso salad. When Chef Young first viewed Johnny’s work, he found there was a layering of focal points; a form and structure obscured behind the artistic expression. To emulate this in his dish, Chef had the ikura and seaweed sitting visibly beneath the surface of the dashi, with the scallop and oysters sitting on top, while the foam adds a blurring layer to blend the components together.

We’re very excited for you to see Johnny’s works in the context of our restaurant. The synergistic nature of our philosophies and cultural inspirations comes through strong. His artwork is available for sale; reserve your piece before they’re all taken.

Neighbourhood: Gastown
350 Carrall St.

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