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Good Thief is Coming to Main Street

Vincent and Amélie Nguyễn Photo by Trudy Tran

This morning (Thursday, March 7th) a press release was distributed announcing Good Thief, a new concept by Amélie and Vincent Nguyễn, the sibling duo behind the celebrated Anh and Chi.

That Anh and Chi have a project underway is hardly a secret. The windows of the space next door to their existing Vietnamese restaurant at 3336 Main Street have been covered with paper for months, and if you know anything about Amélie and Vincent Nguyễn, you would have guessed that they had something cool brewing the minute that paper went up.

So far, speculative chatter about what’s slated for the Mount Pleasant space include a fancy private dining space; a cheeky take-out concept; a grocery store for Anh and Chi’s expanding line of branded sauces and provisions and a ‘holding lounge’, where the perpetual line-up of Anh and Chi guests could enjoy a drink while they wait for their table. The fact that each of these possibilities is equally intriguing and feasible speaks to the Nguyễns, and their deep reservoir of creative talent and drive. But if you are among the throngs of eager Anh and Chi fans who have been waiting for an announcement that would finally offer concrete information about what to expect – the vague language in today’s PR announcement might be unsatisfying. Details are still under wraps.

Scout has toured the space, which appears to be approaching at least the three-quarter finished mark. Although we’re sworn to secrecy on the finer points, we can confirm that the “thrilling extension of their vision” will be very, very cool. Without giving too much away: Vincent, who has taken the lead on the concept and design of Good Thief, has a strong vision that simultaneously taps into nostalgia and modernity. Good Thief will be a place of unexpected and unconventional elements that will strike a chord with Vancouverites looking for an escapist experience (which is pretty much all of us). Though not without the ample support and involvement of his infinitely talented sister, it’s still nice to see the Nguyễn ‘baby brother’ flex his muscles, and we’re extremely excited for what is to come.

We’ll be keeping readers up-to-date with behind-the-scenes coverage and opening day details. Need to get inside before everyone else? Consider working at Good Thief – they’re looking to staff up right now (details). In the meantime, do check out the official press release below to make your own extrapolations, and stay tuned to the Good Thief IG feed here.

VANCOUVER, B.C. (March 7, 2024) – It’s bold, it’s brand-new, and it just might steal your heart. It’s Good Thief, an adventurous new dining concept from the brother-sister duo behind one of Vancouver’s most beloved restaurants, Anh and Chi. Sparked by a deep desire to celebrate daring creativity and to defy convention, the sibling concept to their award-winning restaurant is opening right next door at 3336 Main Street, in the heart of Vancouver’s eclectic Mount Pleasant neighbourhood.

“Good Thief is not just a dining experience; it’s a venture into unexplored territories of flavour and design. We can’t wait to unveil the details,” says Vincent Nguyễn, chef/owner, co-founder and head of operations. “This project is a culmination of our lifelong passion and a bold complement to Anh and Chi. We believe it celebrates our heritage in a way that’s never been seen before.”

Together with his sister, co-founder, and creative director Amélie Nguyễn, Vincent brings the best of Vietnamese cuisine, culture, and design to Good Thief — in fact, the name is a nod to the inspiration they’re taking from their heritage. Born to Vietnamese refugees and raised in East Vancouver, the Nguyễn siblings are on a mission to redefine Vietnamese cuisine in the Pacific Northwest, emphasizing community, connection, and culinary excellence.

Since opening Anh and Chi in 2016, the Nguyễns have been praised for their innovative approach to Vietnamese dining, transforming their parents’ legacy, Pho Hoang, into a modern culinary landmark and MICHELIN Guide Bib Gourmand pick. Good Thief promises to be a thrilling extension of their vision.

“We’re excited to build on what we’ve done at Anh and Chi,” said Amélie. “With Good Thief, we’re inviting our community to explore the depth of Vietnamese culture through adventurous and unexpected culinary journeys. Our new venture will offer unique flavours and experiences that foster connections and create lasting memories.”

Vincent and Amélie Nguyễn | Photo by Juno Kim

Good Thief
Neighbourhood: Main Street
3336 Main St.
(Opening soon)

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