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Get Ready for the New West Cultural Crawl

Stretched across five unique neighbourhoods, the New West Cultural Crawl takes visitors on a self-guided tour of studio spaces, civic art venues and galleries. From pottery to jewellery artists and acrylic painters to photographers, each crawl stop offers something new.

Now in its 17th year, the New West Cultural Crawl is a chance for the community and beyond to connect through art in a fun and safe way. This year’s scaled-down crawl is an opportunity for art lovers, community members and visitors to explore local art and discover the diverse cultural experience that exists within the city. This two day event runs from 11am to 5pm, October 17 + 18. Guests of all ages are welcome to join in and celebrate New Westminster’s creative diversity and unique cultural background.


Alicia Agarrabeitia of AAGoldsmith makes each piece of jewellery with great care in New Westminster. She works alongside her father, a master goldsmith to create unique pieces that reflect the influence she finds in nature and the world around her.

Alicia works with silver and gold and a variety of different stones. When not designing her own collection, Alicia specializes in repairs and working with clients to create something new out of old jewellery. She finds great joy in designing new pieces and is inspired by the journey of forging gold and silver into beautiful heirlooms that will be cherished forever.

Discover AA Goldsmith during the 17th Annual New West Cultural Crawl on October 17 + 18. Location: Good Omen, 34 6th Street.  MAP


KAREN JUSTICE |  Karen creates, exhibits and sells original cards and enlargements of many of her favourite images. Her photographs have been shown at the Kay Meek Centre in West Vancouver, New Westminster Public Library, and the “Street Dance” exhibit at the CityScape Community Art Space. Both colour and black and white capture myriad images of what the world has to offer–quirky scenes and everyday objects, both locally and abroad, are always an attraction. Urban or rural, indoors or out, Karen can never resist looking at life through the lens.

Karen is a part of the Artists in the Boro. During the New West Cultural Crawl, explore artwork galore by over 20 Artists in the Boro artists in the Queensborough Community Centre‘s Atrium Gallery and their Port Royal Room. Enjoy paintings, photography, mixed media and more, including the themed exhibition “Casting Shadows”.

Discover AA Goldsmith during the 17th Annual New West Cultural Crawl on October 17 + 18. Location: Queensborough Community Centre, 920 Ewen Avenue. MAP


JUDY VILLETT |Judy Villett has been wrapped up in quilts all her life! She was nurtured in the snowy Alberta foothills by three generations of family quilters, including one grandfather. Her formal art education began at the University of Alberta in the Fine Arts program. Stepping outside the academic art world, she began to silkscreen images on fabric and learned how to add quilting to her designs. Combining traditional techniques and contemporary design was a breakthrough for Judy, leading to a lifetime passion for the tactile quality and the multidimensional aspects of cloth.

Her work combines many techniques, beginning with commercial, hand dyed or digitally printed fabrics that may then be felted, painted, embellished, pieced, appliquéd and finally machine quilted. My inspirations are the play of light and dark, the power of colour, and the textures of the world that she walks in.

Judy’s wall-hangings have been shown in juried and solo exhibitions in England, Japan, USA, and Canada.

Discover Judy Villett’s work during the 17th Annual New West Cultural Crawl on October 17 + 18. Location: 100 Braid St Studios. MAP


TIM McGOWEN | Living as a child near a wooded ravine, Tim developed a fascination for trees. Under the guidance of his grandfather, a carpenter by trade, Tim’s interest in wood creations grew and his skills took shape.

Over the years Tim developed a fascination for trees and further developed this relationship by working and living in the forests of northern British Columbia and the jungles of Venezuela and Ghana. Tim began by turning spindles for his heritage house and then parlayed his skills into bowl making.

Cruising the established streets of Vancouver has afforded him with a supply of beautiful hardwoods. This wood has adorned the city streets for decades and has either fallen prey to the elements or removed by the city as a hazard. Tims salvage as much as possible to turn it into his fine bowls and vessels.

Discover Tim McGowen’s work during the 17th Annual New West Cultural Crawl on October 17 + 18. Location: 437 Seventh Street. MAP


GABOR GASZTONYI is a local photographer, writer, film maker and gallery owner. He specializes in Black & White Portraiture and documentary photography and film. Gabor shares his studio gallery with his wife, artist Judith Copland.

Gabor is a two-time winner of the prestigious Nikon Press Award. He is a regular lecturer at Emily College University and Bernie Legge Cultural Award winner. Recent exhibitions include The Sudanese, at the Surrey Art Gallery, in 2015, as well as two selected and featured exhibits at the Capture Photography Festival in Vancouver. His film No Way Out screened at the Harlem Film Festival in New York, in May 2019.

Discover Gabor Gasztonyi work during the 17th Annual New West Cultural Crawl on October 17 + 18. Location: Gabor Gasztonyi Studio, 730 12th Street. MAP

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