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The Juice Truck Gets Set To Open Brick & Mortar Location In Mount Pleasant

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We recently took a look inside the upcoming brick and mortar location of The Juice Truck at 28 West 5th Avenue between Manitoba and Ontario.

Owners Zach Berman and Ryan Slater picked up the 5,000 sqft space (formerly Stanley’s Printing) back in August and have broken it up into three areas: storefront, commissary, and community space. The storefront will function as a 16 seat eatery/retail apothecary, selling juices, supplements, tinctures, teas, puddings and so on, with 3-4 quick and healthy breakfast and lunch items (vegan/gluten-free) from a menu designed by chef David Gunawan of Farmer’s Apprentice. The front doors are inset from the sidewalk, so expect a patio as well. The good folks over at Glasfurd & Walker (responsible for the branding of Meat & Bread, Wildebeest, among others) are doing the interior design.

The commissary component is massive, a high gloss testament to the success of a once fledgling mobile operation that is now looking to expand its reach beyond the Lower Mainland (it’s so great to see them outgrow the space that they shared with so many other food trucks next to Beta 5 on Industrial Ave – makes one wonder who will be next to leave the nest!). It accounts for some 3,500 sqft of pristine work space for juice production and cleanses, and as you can see from the shots above and below, it’s already looking pretty damn spiffy.

Finally, there’s the community space (the pinkish red room in the photographs). While it can and will seat 26 people for pop-up suppers and movie dinners, it will also be used for nutrition and fermenting workshops, yoga classes, kids activities, and more.

Juice production starts in April, and the retail/eatery frontage will open to the public (if all goes according to plan) on May 1st.


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    Conveniently located between my home and office. I see many juicy breakfasts in my future!

  2. In the 2.5yrs that I’ve lived in Van I truly don’t think there’s anything I’ve raved about more to others than The Juice Truck and their amazing cleanse. I’ve done 3 or 4 now with a 5 day slated to start this Thurs. I support their growth and all their successes have been well earned. I hope that now many many more well learn what I have already discovered. This stuff rocks!!

  3. The fact that a “juice cleanse” operation can actually be successful in Vancouver speaks volumes about Vancouver residents.

    Do people actually believe the claims of “detoxing” etc.? Have IQs slipped that low in this town?

    Post the science please! (Oh wait, there isn’t any except that which DEBUNKS detoxes).

  4. Agreed. Didn’t know people still did juice cleanses after the 90’s to be honest.
    Puts a lot of strain on the spleen and kidneys.

  5. […] HERE is a more in-depth look at what’s been happening in the space c/o Scout Magazine. Of course they were on top of this back in March as they are the online authority when it comes to independent food and drink in Vancouver. Watch Scout for news of The Juice Truck store’s opening date and watch Ryan and Zach as they continue doing awesome stuff in our city. […]

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